DVC Resort to park transportation time

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Aug 25, 2007
DVC Resort to park transportation time


I’ve seen a lot of web sites and books list the travel times from the various DVC resorts at Walt Disney World to the parks. The funny thing is, they all have different times listed.

I’ve put together the table below as an attempt to pull together and synthesize the information I’ve seen. Don't think of this as the most accurate, definitive list - because it's not - but just a high-level guideline so that people can get a general idea.

Times may vary seasonally based upon the volume of guests and other factors.

All numbers reflect minutes.



  • Car travel to the MK includes driving to the TTC and taking the ferry over
  • I have not included the additional time of waiting for the next Disney transport
  • Times can vary widely, depending upon crowds, time of year, and other factors; I’m trying to get an average


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Apr 19, 2008
Thanks for compiling the info.

It seems those #'s are for the few people lucky enough to avoid shared busses.

1) yes, if a bus left BCV and BWV direct to the MK at the same time, the BWV bus wins
But 95+% of the time, that BWV bus needs to stop at the Swan then the Dolphin before back-tracking and going to MK, BWV should have a longer time.

2) VWL to DHS
At least in my experience, the VWL to DHS bus stops at BLT before heading to DHS, so how does BLT have a longer bus time than VWL?


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Jul 25, 2001
Interesting information as always, Mike. Thanks for putting this out there.

So the bus trip from BLT to DTD is the longest Disney transportation trip from a resort at WDW? I'm not including MK by car since that is a hybrid. :)

I didn't remember that bus trip being especially long...my recollection of long bus trips usually involved DAK because of the stop at Blizzard Beach.

The bus transportation is so varied and seasonal...I know at VWL we have shared bus stops with one or two of the various monorail resorts or Fort Wilderness at one time or another. But it's an interesting idea to compile. Not sure where the data comes from, but always good grist for the mill.


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