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  1. Winchester24

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    Mar 16, 2018
    We just got back from our Disneymoon, and I successfully made a Disney fan out of my husband! YAY! We are planning on going back in late October of 2019, but aren't sure how we want this one to go. For our Disneymoon we stayed at the cabins in Fort Wilderness because I thought I would need the full kitchen for my dietary restrictions and we planned everything through Disney. After being there I realized they are much better at handling dietary restrictions & allergies than I thought and we really only needed the kitchen twice. We checked out some of the other resorts while we were there and fell in love with the Polynesian. Not that we didn't love FW (I spent lots of time there as a kid) we just want a more relaxed, romantic vibe for our next trip. We are looking into renting DVC points but are a little concerned about giving up control over reservations & FP's. If you have rented DVC before we would love to hear your experiences & any pros/cons you may want to share. We would also love to hear from people who have done split stays, we are considering a split stay between a moderate (Port Orleans or FW) and deluxe or maybe even 2 deluxe properties (likely AK lodge for DH-he loves AK!) Thank you!
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    I own DVC and just want to say that you don’t give up the ability to book ADRs or FPs. The only thing you don’t have control over is the room reservation. Once booked, the owner will give you the confirmation number to put into MDE.

    As for Poly for Oct, that resort tends to be popular for the home resort advantage window during the Fall season so I will definitely inquire to see if any owner can pick up your request.
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    We rented at Boardwalk in October through David's. It is also a popular fall resort since Food & Wine is going on at Epcot, I put in my reservation request even before the 11 month booking window.

    The big con is that you have to pay up front so trip insurance would be good (I used a credit card that includes trip cancellation insurance).

    Pro is the huge discount on room. The BW studio did not have a full kitchen, just a coffeemaker, fridge & microwave. Like mentioned above, you do your own FP and ADR.

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