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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by mr765, Mar 19, 2002.

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    Mar 18, 2002
    I am considering a purchase of DVC mainly to use at the Disney Resort Hotels. After receiving a new DVC package for 2002, I compared the required points for various resorts to those in 2001. For the most part there was an increase in the number of points necessary to get resort accomodations. My question is what will happen over the course of the next 10, 20 years? Will the resort points continue to increase to the extent that they will not be an option for my 150 points? Have these increases been consistent over the years?
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    Aug 18, 1999
    DVC is probably not a good choice to use mainly for the resort hotels. They have increased before, I think we took a big increase recently. This program is not even guaranteed to continue, it can be ended at any time. I don't think it will, but there are no guarantees about the number of points needed for a stay.

    You get a fer better return in terms of value when you stay at DVC resorts.

    The DVC resorts are really great, they are among the nicest on property.

    I have been a member since '92 and am going to use points for a resort stay for the first time this October.
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    Aug 18, 1999
    In the past, the WDW resort increases have only amounted to a few points here and there over the years. The room you got for your points was ROH - best availalble (not including Concierge). In general, people got the top view room available.

    For 2002, DVC instituted a pay as you go plan. Your amount of points will dictate the type of room and it is now possible to book Concierge rooms as well. However, the price for this was a pretty dramatic increase most times of the year for the amount of points needed.

    As Rich said, the program is not guaranteed to continue...although we can reasonably expect it will. However, keep in mind that as DVC's open at hotels, those hotels become unavailable. This is the case for WL, Beach Club, BWI now that they have DVC options.

    It's best to use the resorts for a "change" rather than permanent use of points.

    150 points doesn't go very far in the resorts. You could get 5 weekday nights in a standard view room at the Yacht Club during January. Or, you could get just shy of 7 (weekday) nights in a one-bedroom at BCV, BWV preferred or VWL or 9 nights at OKW. Staying in a studio, including weekends, would get you almost two weeks at OKW and roughly a week and a half at the other resorts.

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