DVC Anniversary Cruise booked up!


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Nov 29, 1999
Called MS today and the recording said that they are not taking anymore reservations for this cruise.
LOL! I didn't even get the postcard yet. That might also explain why people reported the MS phones as impossible today.
The DVC cruise had been announced on the official DVC site about 3 weeks ago. That is how I first found out about the cruise. Luckily, I called last Monday before I got my postcard on Wednesday. :)

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I did see it on the site and didn't plan to go. As someone else posted, it does seem like this wasn't really done with enough time to plan for many people who might have enjoyed a member cruise. Maybe they'll do it again.

I called first thing at 9 in the morning but it took me 25 tries. I was able to reserve a category 5. The CM did tell me that there was very limited availability. So I guess I lucked out............:)
We just got our postcard offer yesterday, Jan 22, in the mail in Boston area.

Too late I guess. Need to pay more attention to the DVC site.

DVC has angered us with gimmicks. We got our postcard yesterday. I called at 9am this morning and MS was closed till 11am for training.
When I called at 11am it was sold out.
How can they offer something to us THAT DOES NOT EXIST??
I feel bad for those people who do not have internet access.
I needed to vent as this has really destroyed a huge plan for my family.

We got our postcard yesterday (1/22)
Since we already have a WDW/DCL trip planned for later this year we knew the member cruise wasn't a good option for us right now. But I like the idea a lot, and hope they will do it again on some other anniversary.
Kamy, I felt the same way. You and I were probably getting each other's busy signals @ 11:01:)

We were looking forward to this, and probably dragged our feet too long, but their timing couldn't have been worse - today is the 11 month window date for Christmas Eve!

I have read that MS doesn't wait list cruises, but I sent them an e-mail anyway, praying for a cancellation.
Thanks CRobin. I could not believe it. Now we have no idea what to do. This was for my mom's (surprise) 50th birthday. It fell at a perfect time!
Well, back to the drawing board.
I read somewhere that they have made more cabins available to DVC'ers for the cruise. You may want to give them another call.
More time to plan would have been nice. We'd seriously think about doing the cruise (especially with the reduced rates) if we had more time to plan. As it stands now we've already got a May trip and a December trip to VWL planned, complete with relatives both times, so it'd be hard to back out on that! Besides, my dh has to plan several months in advance for vacation time.

FWIW, we didn't get our postcard here in Ohio until TODAY (1/23!)

ohiominnie :p
I'm still trying to figure out why there was over a month delay from the date Member Services sent an email about this cruise (12/21/01) to when they mailed the postcard?! I waited for a couple of weeks to book the cruise and I got lucky - I feel for those w/o computer access.

The 2-hour "mandatory training" message sent me for a real loop this morning, too!! I had sent an email ressie request last week for OKW for the end of my cruise and although I was not hopeful I would get it, a response would have been nice. After patiently waiting until 11AM I was informed that the emails are backed up and much to my surprise I was able to get a 1 BDR for OKW for the 3 nights after the cruise!!
We just received the postcard today. I decided to check out the members website and discovered that it was already sold out. I don't usually go to the website; guess I should. I have never received an e-mail from DVC but I have given them my e-mail address many times. Oh well, maybe next time.
Anybody think that since this one sold out so fast they'll offer another one, either the next week or on the other ship. Mabey someone should suggest it.....:bounce:
I got the postcard today, but already knew they're full. I'm not very happy about this. Well, they know how many DVCers there are, and they know when they're sending out the postcard. If they have really limited availability, why don't they just post an ad on the web site? It's just much worse when regulars like us get the postcard and are already full. And I thought DVC is exclusive club!
We have not received a postcard either.

Mooses41, I know for a fact that DVC CMs DO read this board.
I was another DVCer trying to get through this AM. The two hour training delay, the cruise ressie people and all of us trying to make the 11 month holiday ressies--what a MESS!! I got the postcard yesterday too--and while I wasn't planning on going, when I heard that announcement about the cruise already being filled up--I thought how annoyed I would have been if I HAD wanted to book it. I;ve given DVC my e-mail address many times also, but don;t receive anything from them. Very annoying.
I just got my card also. The dream part was nice. Does anyone know what the cash price was?

My parents are DVC members and not overly computer oriented. They received their card on Wednesday, called first thing Thursday morning and of course it was booked. Their feeling was that everyone should have been on the same playing field and given equal opportunity at the chance.


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