DVC ad in Disney magazine

Rock'n Robin

Disney Queen
Jan 20, 2000
I got the new Disney magazine today and I saw an advertisement for DVC! I think it's the first one I've seen other than at the parks! I don't think they are hard up for buyers, so I wonder why they felt the need to advertise suddenly?
Robin M.
This isn't new. As a matter of fact, I first became aware of DVC when I saw an ad back in 1991. When I called, they couldn't tell me anything about it because NY wasn't registered yet.

Fortunately, we had a trip planned, took the tour, and the rest is history.:D :D :D
Most likely this ad coincides with the launch of Beach Club Villa sales... it's the perfect outlet where to advertise... a captive audience who love Disney!!! Same way they pitched Calif.Adv. and Cruise Line with ads in their own mag... Thanks for the post, I'll keep my eye out for my issue to come in the mail!


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