DUI History - No Entry to Canada?

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  1. Janeen699

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    Sep 26, 2012
    Has anyone ever heard of this before?

    If you reside in the US . and you have a DUI in your history (even if it's 30 some years ago) you cannot get into Canada without going through a "Rehabilitation" process?

    A friend of mine is going with us in August on an Disney Alaskan cruise--she just happened, by chance to hear about this rule.

    This so called "Rehabilitation" process is a bunch of paperwork that can take up to a year to be approved.

    Any help would be appreciated!!


  2. happy_momma

    happy_momma Earning My Ears

    Aug 31, 2009
    I am Canadian, and I have heard of this. My husband had an employee that was supposed to be coming into the country to work from the US a few years ago, and he was denied entry because of a DUI (I believe it is because it is considered a criminal offence here, but I don't know that for sure). He ended up detained at the airport and was put on the next available flight back to the US. I don't know all of the restrictions around this, but perhaps you should contact Border Services to find out the specific rules.

  3. Diegosmom

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    Feb 18, 2011
    We were on a cruise that stopped in Canada and someone in our group was in interrogation most of the day and was not allowed off the ship and was told never to return to Canada...He said he had been caught with pot in college, some 20 years before. So I believe it was possession charge.

    I know not the same thing you are asking but I think they are in the same category.

    And just for the record the US has similar immigration standards. Very hard to get a visa to the US if you have and drugs or alcohol use. You are required to show rehabilitation and it has to be 5 years since use.
  4. mhconley

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    Jul 21, 2008
  5. neg58

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    Oct 5, 2012
    A DUI is also a crime in the US.

    Yes, you must fill out a special request to go to Canada. It takes about 6 months to get a waiver. There was a big deal made when George Bush was president because he had a drunk driving arrest (although I think he actually pleaded to something else) so the press was speculating whether he could go to Canada (he probably could have under a diplomatic passport), but I don't think he ever went to Canada.

    It works both ways. A Canadian was just denied entry into the US to go to the Superbowl as he had an arrest many years ago. Found out at the airport.


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