Dueling Dragons vs Rockin Roller Coaster?


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Apr 29, 2000
Going back to Universal in August and want to try to get up the nerve to ride Dueling Dragons. Can anyone compare this to the Rockin Roller Coaster which I have ridden and was fine on? Inversions dont bother me I am more afraid of large drops. Also speedwise how much faster is Dueling Dragons?
Appreciate all you coaster fanatics giving me your opinions. Thanks!

The Rock N Roller Coaster has a maximum speed of 60 mph (the inital launch goes from 0 to 60 mph). Fire runs at around 55 mph and Ice at 60 mph. Fire is the rougher coaster and Ice is pretty smooth. Fire and Ice have a lot more inversions than RnR Coaster. Ice is probably as smooth as RnR or the Hulk, though.


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Ummmm, re-check your documents Barry. Fire is the faster of the two (by 5mph) due to the longer first drop.
I think it is hard to compare RRC and DD because DD is a hanging roller coaster and rrc is not. RRc has just 2 inversions and it is mostly turns. If you can do RRC you can do DD.

i agree you should do the coasters!
even if you can take them you can say you tamed that beast!

bring the hulk on!
Hmmm...someone told me Ice was quicker. Mea culpa! :)


Barry Hom
The moderator formerly known as Barry aka usagi
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards

"If you were me, you'd be good looking."
I've been on all three and really felt that Rock 'n Roller is more intense all the way around than either Ice or Fire. Yes, Ice defintely has more inversions, but they're so fast and so smooth you don't notice most of them really. As I recall, there is really only one big drop on either of the Dragons, and that's at the very beginning. The rest is loops and corkscrews.

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It seems like RnR coaster is over pretty quickly. The headrests makes it more painful. I rode the fire at DD and shut my eyes almost the entire way. After I got off of it, I said, never again. The RnR coaster was much less scary.
In my opinion these are the two (or three if you want to get technical :-) ) of the best attractions ever built. When I say attractions I mean lines, pre-show, themeing, and ride itself. The line for Dueling Dragons is the best anywhere bar none. The preshow is one of the most informative at RNRC. And nobody missed a beat on the themeing of both. Even if you dont want to ride Dueling Dragons at least walk through the line and see the most detailed line ever.

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