Due to $49.00 rate mystery, Disney has let me down (sorry it's a bit long).


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Jun 21, 2000
As one of the unfortunate people who has not been able to secure this rate, I feel dejected and let down by the company that I have put on a pedestal for so long. As a high school teacher I am extremely inquisitive and solve many of my problems through educating and informing myself on the chosen topic. Well I have done just that - 4 days on phone to CRO, read every post, etc... and still to no avail. I gave up calling last night because I realized that Disney is just like all of the other retail, phone and utilities' companies that we all struggle to get information and positive customer service from on a daily basis. Instead of blaming it on employees/CM's I think we need to hold the companies more accountable - especially Disney. After having talking to countless CM's and being told something DIFFERENT from each one of them, I've been wondering how Disney attracts any visitors to the parks when no one gives out the same information. Of course I know that they have multiple promotions running, but it seems to me that customers/guests shouldn't have to CONTINUOUSLY call in hopes of talking to a different employee that might know more than the last one. Is this the best way for the biggest marketing empire in the world to be doing business? So, I am just wondering if anyone else feels as frustrated and dejected as I do about this whole rate mystery? If so, how do you really feel about being caught up in Disney's promotion and marketing nightmare? <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
in all your calls, did you try using the code (code deleted)? when i called yesterday, the cm was positive that this did not exist and was clearly not going to check it out for me and insisting that there was a code. i was still online while i was on the phone, still reading the posts and just happened to read a post with a code, so i non shaluntly gave those 3 magical letters and that was it! try the code! :) good luck!

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Just to let you know that I just called this morning and got the $49 rate at ASmo and that was the code they gave me. So I would definately try one more time with that info!
I've been there. Please try that code, it sounds like the easiest way to get the deal. I got it the hard way (many many calls and torment) I would hate to see you lose out on such a great deal. Don't frustrate yourself. You'll get it. :)

I Got It !!!! Thanks so much for the code info...we booked 2 adjoing rooms at Movies for oct 4-7...girls weekend away....can't wait :)
Could anyone tell me if this is good in November?

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I called this morning and got the $49 rate for 9-29 to 10-3... but they said that it was not avaliable for 10-4 and 10-5. I am going to call back and see if I can get it for the last two days of our stay. I called the DC 800 #. There may be more than one $49 deal going!

When I looked into these rates last night, the CM said that the special rate would apply as long as the first night was on or before Oct 3rd. The only thing that I can think of is that they are getting close to capacity on the dates you want. I would definatly call again! (I looked at booking the CB for 6 nights starting Oct 3rd and it was close to $600-tax ect. included.) I called the 1-800 # and the CM said she was trained on both. She seemed fairly knowledgeable.
definetly try again using all this information and i am sure you will get it. i did and it all came from all the info i got here. don't give up yet!

I called once last night and twice today before I got the rate 8/9-8/13 at ASMU connecting rooms. The first CM said that there was no rate like that except for FL residents, the second said I had to be a subscriber to Hispanic magazine(?), and the third finally put me on hold and came back with the sale rate. I would keep trying!
One of the other posts I read mentioned that the "special" runs from 8/9 - 10/3.
It's not a hispanic magazine it is a hispanic newspaper offer and anyone get get it. She laughed when i said do you have to be hispanic to get the rate. Well, I didn't know.


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