Driving from Kansas City to Orlando

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by RogueJayhawk, Mar 21, 2012.

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    Aug 27, 2011
    We are making a trip to Universal and a cruise in June and a trip to Disney in September. We are flying in September to limit the amount of time kids are out of school, but we are thinking of driving in June to save a little money. We need 5 tickets and airfare is running about $400 a ticket now. Anyone have any thoughts about the drive from the midwest? We would make it a two day drive and try and drive the bigger part of it on the first day. How is the drive for anyone who has every done it before?


    Aug 12, 2006
    I've done the Chicago-Orlando drive more times than I can count. KC is a bit further but with the Interstate highways, the drive is pretty easy! It's just a lot of time versus flying. Chattanooga has a few interesting attractions to break up the journey if you need to.

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    We're about an hour West of St. Louis & we'll be driving down. I've not driven to that part of FL in many years (1985 LOL), but have done the trip to Panama City Beach several times, which is a similar distance. I second the Chattanooga recommendation. For us, it's about halfway, but would be a bit further from KC. Good place to stop. We love the aquarium there & usually drive out of our way to see it when we go to PCB.

    Avoid rush hour in STL, Nashville, and Atlanta if possible with Atlanta being the worst, STL next, and Nashville actually kind of tame in comparsion to the other two. Also be cautious of starting & ending times for Cardinals & Braves games as stadium traffic could cause issues as well :goodvibes

    edit: For September, be cautious also of Rams, Falcons, and Titans games - and to a lesser extent Blues, Hawks, and Predators games.

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