Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast | Virgin Voyages | 04/29/19

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    In this episode, the panel discusses their thoughts on Virgin Voyages that will begin sailing in 2020!

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    Can't wait to watch this. From what I've seen so far, this thing is AMAZING. Don't know if I would ever be able to afford it - especially if there's a single supplement (HATE THAT!!), but it's nice to dream. And Sir Richard Branson is usually quite a genius at giving people what they want. And IMHO, not bad to look at either. :)
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    I was originally very excited about Virgin Voyages as my DH and I are well within the Virgin ecosystem (they're our preferred travel agent and airline due to the loyalty program) and we love to cruise too so I thought I'd adore but on seeing the ships and the itineraries, I'm not really feeling that way anymore.

    Entry level cabins just look cheaply furnished without an actual bed and to get something we're used to (comparing a regular balcony or aquaclass on Celebrity) we'd be having to look at suites.

    Also, I'm not a fan of the very short itineraries. Having to fly over from the UK to join a Caribbean cruise, I'm wanting at least a week.

    It feels to me like it's wanting to grab the fun time crowd of Carnival and plus it slightly with a twenty something style injection.

    Not for me.
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    The best airline I've flown was Virgin Atlantic from MCO to UK; the service was outstanding. So if Branson can carry that forward, he might have a real winner.

    If they can bring that level of service to the Scarlett Lady then they might have a niche market space (adults only). The design of the public spaces looks really well planned (except that restaurant, Razzle Dazzle, with the WWI/II boat camouflage.......egads!). The rooms with the shared sofa/bed is not something that appeals to me. It looks like they tried to be novel in design/space, but looks cheap. Plus there is something about sleeping on a place I spent sitting that feels "off".

    I am eager to see the actual ship reviews and how the guest experience(s) play out.
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