Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast: The Joy of Planning A Vacation


Apr 4, 2015
I entered a comment in this video but I'm unsure if John or Kevin read the comments so I thought I'd repeat my advice about their Aulani trip. Hawaii has started implementing a ban on plastics including plastic bags, styrofoam takeout containters, plastic utensils & straws. They will have to bring more reusable bags for shopping or takeout & request utensils. I also advise bringing their own reusable straws because paper straws are blech. Also their favorite dining location in Aiea, Anna Miller's has not reopened for dine in. Per their website, they are only offering items from their bakery right now. Hopefully they will reopen by July, but they should keep an eye on the website for info. Also Halekulani is still closed & undergoing renovation which is another one of their favorites. I would say that about half of Waikiki hotels are reopened, but many Waikiki restaurants haven't reopened, especially the buffets. I hope this info helps with their planning & if they have questions, I can try my best to answer.

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Apr 29, 2004
Thanks for the good info @FoodieFriend. We aren't heading back to Aulani until September so I'm hoping that both Anna Miller's and the Halekulani have reopened since then. They are both favorites of ours as well.