Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast: Dining Outside Aulani & Orchids Review

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Apr 29, 2004
Just wanted to mention that Anna Millers is a favorite of ours. Nothing fancy. Almost a diner kind of atmosphere with good quality food.


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Feb 11, 2009
We ate at Anna Miller's on our trip solely based on John & Kevin's recommendation, and it did not disappoint! Great stop that's open 24 hours, pretty centrally located on the way back to Aulani. And it was the cheapest meal of our trip!


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Jan 14, 2012
In this episode, John and Kevin discuss some of their favorite locations to eat at outside of Aulani as well as a dining review of a restaurant they discovered - Orchids!

Oh my. Aulani is my newest obsession and I can’t learn enough about it and Oahu. We really decided no WDW trips in 2020 because the daughter is getting married (cha-ching ).... I have now decided we should go to Aulani in late May for my 58th birthday :) I really appreciate all the info provided here as food is a huge priority for us!


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Jun 10, 2007
@ksromack You might want to check out this website: https://www.frolichawaii.com/eat

The Frolic writers are well-respected locals with huge social media followings. This website is well respected and their reviews can make-or-break restaurants.

CatherineTothFox on Instagram is another good resource. Her feed is filled with everyday, local "grindz" that you're never going to read about in a travel book/website.


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