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    Oct 29, 2000
    I am so glad your not getting bored. I like typing this out, I am going to print it and put them in my scrap book. Well Wednesday I must have been tired I did not wake up till 6:30am, so we just got up showered and went to our golf lesson. Our golf lesson this time was with Kit. (The head Pro) He is from Tonga and it turns out I worked with a guy in Seattle who is also from Tonga and he knew of his family. It made for a good conversation piece. Next month when I am in Seattle I will try and look him up. Kit gave me his card to give to him. It seems like before Kit was a golf pro he was a dancer. He ask if we had been to the luau at the Polynesian. We told him we were going that night. He worked with us on our Drivers, it was my first lesson ever on a driver I think I drove him nuts. Dale again progressed much better than I.

    After golf back to the Contemporary....time to check out I was so sad. When we got back to the Contemporary we stopped in the cafeteria and grabbed a tuna sandwich and soda to take back to the room and eat. We were pretty hungry at this point. Then we packed, I can't believe how much stuff we had. It had been multiplying I think all by itself. We called the bell desk and sent our bags to the Dixie landing. Then we made one last trip up to see Pam and guess what she was not there! So I left her a card with a little tip ($20) I was not sure and I hope she was not offended by the amount. It was hard for me to tip anyone I had not met. Though I know she worked very hard along with you to give us the greatest vacation in my life. By the way I still need somewhere to send this package I have for you. I can't wait for you to get it! (I hope you love it). So anyway on with the story.....Off to MGM our very first experience with the Disney Buses. And it was standing room only, boy was I glad that I worked out and my arms are so strong...this driver was crazy. Well we made it and decided we should get our fast pass for the Tower of Terror and then we road the Rockin roller Coaster while we waited for our fast pass. I really liked the roller coaster though it seemed really short for a Disney ride. Then we went over to the tower of terror, I thought this was also pretty good. We got our pictures at both. My husband loves to shop so since we had the Thrill rides out of the way he suggested that we shop until lunch. That was o.k. with me. He also really wanted to stop and look at every old car in the place. I can't remember if I told you but Dale rebuilds cars, He thought maybe he could get some ideas. When we got over to the Brown Derby we decided to have are Characture Drawing done of us, they both turned out great. Then we went and had the most wonderful lunch. I had a great cobb salad, I think the best I have ever had. And the atmosphere was great Ashley was a terrific server and to top it off we sat right next to the Piano and he played music for us the whole time. It was Fantastic! Everyone got a bonus tip there. Well stuffed like to little pigs we headed over to the backlot tour and the back stage tour. After the Backlot tour we had another picture done on one of those machines. It was now around 5pm the Parade was over. And guess who was absolutely beat?? Me! I don't often admit to that but I was. I said lets just go see what our new home is like. So off to Dixie! When we got there to check in we let them know we wanted to upgrade to a King if possible and great old Al from the Contemporary had called for us earlier that week and had alerted them. So we were able to upgrade it was only $111 and well worth it. We were in Building 35. It was a good hike back and forth from the main building to our building but that was good I was feeling guilty enough not working out and eating so badly. (But Dale kept telling me your on vacation, we will be home soon enough) We tried to take a little nap, but I could not rest, I ended up unpacking and putting the suitcases away. I soon started calling Dixie my apartment.<lol>I wish. Before we knew it, it was time to start heading over to the luau. The bus took forever, there was already people waiting they said they had been waiting a half hour, well we waited another half hour. But we made it only about 15 min. late. When we got there I gave them the tickets and they crossed of our seats and wrote on new numbers. I jokingly said "Just because were late your going to put us in the back?" He said no way your in the front row...wow that was cool. got some really good pictures. We talked about you during dinner. I don;t know if you have ever done the luau thing, but we thought this would be some great food for you. They had a great coconut bread, and an excellent rice salad and some fruit to start. Then they brought Chicken and Beef ribs (I know you would not like that) but some great steamed veggies and potatoes. And to top it all off some pineapple upside down cake. It was good. I think I enjoyed the show more than Dale. He was to worried that they were going to pick on him. We did a little shopping at the resort before we left and checked the place out. This seemed to be my least favorite of resorts.

    We got back to our room around midnight and to our surprise there was the beautiful flowers from our friend Carole. It made our night. We slept good that night, I really stretched out knowing I would not knock Dale of the huge bed.Knowing that I had over slept that morning we got a wake up call from Mickey called in. Had great dreams.

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    What a wonderful day! The food at the Luau sounds great! Cant wait to read more. :D

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Another great day! Thanks for posting!

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