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  1. booked 7-day western for 11/19/05 two weeks ago thru dreams. now they have the shipboard credit of $75. i e-mailed today to make sure that i would get the credit. was told that i must start the process all over to get the $75. just wondering if this is true. much less work to just give me the credit. i am now thinking of moving the ressie to all seasons travel, found out price was $80 less than dreams. All seasons also has 800 # to call and talk to someone!!
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    Hi CrazyaboutDisney

    Yes, the information you received is true. It has to do with the fact that the current Shipboard Credit Promotion is run in conjunction with Disney Cruise and therefore there are certain terms and conditions set forth by DCL that must be followed; one of which is that all reservations must be booked and paid for during the current promotion window to be eligible for the shipboard credit.

    If you, anyone else, would like further information or has additional questions on this please feel free to email me at john@dreamsunlimitedravel.com

  3. after doing more research, i've found out that the 11/19/05 magic cruise is blacked out for the shipboard credit!!! i guess i have nothing to worry about!!

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