Dream Staterooms for 5


Scooter the "Wonder" dog!
Jan 17, 2015
Getting conflicting info online. Which Dream stateroom numbers sleep 5? Thank you!


Tookie bah wah bah!
Sep 21, 2020
Category 8 are the oceanview and category 4 are the verandahs some of which can accommodate 5.


Earning My Ears
Jun 1, 2018
We have a family of 5, and I tried to find a list online before we booked our first cruise. I assumed it would go by category, but like @HiStitch626 said only some in any given category will sleep 5. If you can, I would look at your booking online, and see what options it gives you to book. It might narrow it down at least. I've posted a few threads on here asking about stateroom A vs. stateroom B. Everyone will be more than happy to help you out. Good luck!

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  • shaunacb

    Apr 21, 2016
    I believe the cat 8’s on deck 6 that sleep 5 are 6668, 6672, 6674, 6172, 6174. I think deck 7 is similar staterooms to the deck 6 ones. The cat 8’s on deck 8 that sleep 5 are 8668, 8670, 8170, 8172. I’m not sure which 8Bs on deck 9 sleep 5.

    For verandas, only 4ABCD sleep 5, no longer 4E as far as I know.
    Someone can correct me if any of this is wrong.

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  • vetrik

    DIS Veteran
    Feb 8, 2005
    This is a few years old so may not be entirely accurate, but I doubt they have removed beds from any rooms noted as sleeping 5.
    I found this post one of the more helpful resources when trying to figure out which Dream cabins slept 5. We were in a 4D (6106) that did have a murphy bed to sleep 5, but our friends in the connecting stateroom next door (6104) didn't have one.


    DIS Veteran
    Apr 9, 2016
    Another thing you can try is go to one of the newest, most unlikely to sell out sailings and select "5" for number sailing. That will only bring up rooms that are able to sleep all 5. Now, it's possible the ones you want aren't one of the first 8 DCL will show you, so cross reference with some of the sailings that are more sold to see if your room comes up.

    Also, assuming DCL hasn't made room changes during the pandemic, I've found the thread that lanjudy quoted above to be very valuable. You can also cross reference with room reviews. I think DIS has room reviews, but I've also used this site:
    Walt Disney World Resort Reservations Available Through End of 2021


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