Dream Castle Hotel v Holiday Inn

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    Aug 25, 2006
    Hi there

    I'm not a newbie as such - posted on here last year when we went to DLP for the first time... and loved it! Anyway, thinking of making another trip in December (looking at 27-30 Dec) if there's still accommodation/train tickets left for us (hope so!). We're thinking of staying off-site this year (stayed at Sequoia last time) and can't decide between Dream Castle & Holiday Inn. Both look equally as good as the other.

    For those of you who have stayed in both before, which would you choose/recommend and why?

    Thank you thank you for any feedback.

    Al x
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    I haven't stayed at either but check out the Hotel FAQ sticky at the top of the page. littlelizzie has stayed at both and did reviews of them. :goodvibes

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