Dragging Grandma Kicking and Screaming to WDW and on a Disney Cruise PTR...

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    Jun 2, 2007
    Well first let me start off by explaining the title of this trip report.

    My DMom (58) has never flown before or been to WDW for that matter and none of us have been on a cruise. So I am dragging her, kicking and screaming (with excitement) to WDW and on a Disney Cruise.

    Ok so let me reintroduce some characters to you who will be making some appearances here:

    Me, 34, HUGE Disney fan and nut, lover of anything STITCH, 3rd trip to WDW, First for Christmas, FIRST Disney Cruise.

    DS, 12, Disney fan and lover of Buzz and Donald, 3rd trip to WDW, First for Christmas, First Disney Cruise

    DD, 11, Disney fan and lover of Aurora, 3rd trip to WDW, First for Christmas, FIRST Disney Cruise

    Then the newbie of this scene: DMom, 58, 1st trip to WDW, First Disney Christmas, First CRUISE EVER!!!! Lover of Tink...

    So That is our cast of characters for this trip. We are going to WDW from 11/29 until 12/3. Then the morning of 12/3 we head off to great blue Wonder. We hope you enjoy and come along for the ride with us as we experience some new firsts.

    UP NEXT: Where we are staying and what we are eating....
  2. MaryEL8775

    MaryEL8775 Earning My Ears

    Jun 2, 2007
    Well since we booked a Disney Land and Sea package we had to choose our resort. You see the kids and I stayed at POFQ on our last trip in August of 2008, I knew this was the perfect place to introduce my mom to WDW. So there you have it... We are staying at Port Orleans French Quarter from Nov. 29 til Dec. 3rd.

    I have checked with Touring Plans several times and even with Tour Guide Mike and it looks like we will be doing our touring like this:

    Day 1: Arrival day and our first park will be???


    I also agree to do this park on our first day since it is the FARTHEST from our resort.

    So we will check in at the hotel and then head to AK for some monkeying around time.

    The first thing on our agenda is showing my wonderful mom, a trip to Africa on a Safari, Kilimanjaro Safari that is.

    Then we will do some general touring while making sure we hit up certain things like, Festival of the Lion King, Finding Nemo, It's Tough to be a Bug and other attractions that have gotten the kids attention in the past.

    We will do a OOP CS here as we are on the Basic Dining Plan because we have 1 meal later on that is 2 TS so we have to make the best of our plans.

    After we close down AK, since this is our first time around Christmas and everything should be decorated for the holiday, we will go and check out some of the resort decorations, starting at WL, then taking the boat to MK, where we will get our first taste of the monorail resorts for the holidays.

    But then we have to head back to the resort but even though we are staying at POFQ, we are getting off at POR just so we can have the pasta bucket on the DP.

    Day 2 coming up soon... Stay tuned...

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