Downtown Disney Hilton??


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Aug 24, 2000
Can anyone please tell us about the room at these hotels??? also how does the bus system work. Is it not Disney transportation?? If you take the disney bus to downtown disney does it let off close to the HIlton. Thanks for any information..... :p
We stayed here last March using Hhonors points, and had a great time, family of 5, myself, wife, and 3 girls ages 13,8, and 2. I paid an extra $40 per night to upgrade to a "Jr. suite" which was a room that was just a little larger with a couch, not really a suite IMHO, but still a nice room. Being a HHonors Gold member, we could use concierge level which had breakfast each morning which was great, and snacks in the evening...I think it was on the 8th floor, don't really remember. Our room was on the 6th floor. The pools were very nice, great hot tub with a small waterfall. Just returned Jan. 2-5 from WDW and stayed at All Star Movies for $59 per night, which was a great price, but we all preferred the Hilton and will probably stay there again. Let me know if I can help in any other way. The buses from Hilton are MUCH nicer than the Disney Buses and were never very crowded during the time we were there in March, came about every 30 minutes. They do let you off at the TTC rather than right in front of the MK, which I did not think was that big of a deal. When staying at All Star Movies recently, it was nice being let of right at the MK, but not really that big of a deal to us. The Hilton is a convention type hotel, but that did not bother us, and we enjoyed being close to Downtown Disney. I would be interested in knowing what rate you are paying for the Hilton and the time of year you are going.
We are going the first week in March. I bid on Priceline (the Hilton comes up a lot) I got it for 55 dollars a night! Go to first and read the helpful information there. This was my first time to use priceline and found it easy to use as long as I got familier with the hotel ratings. The Hilton is considered a resort level (which is the highest) I bid 50 first for WDW area and got nothing so I dropped to a 4 STAR * for 55 and got the Hilton I was "upgraded to the 5 star" It is really fun bidding and I saved a lot of monely, even on the hotels on our drive over. We flew in December but wanted to do something different this time so we are driving. I am going to try to upgrade to the junior suite, It won't hurt to ask. How did you become a golm member? I am also a hilton honors member but not gold. Thanks again!
Hi Marchdisney:

How many HH pts did you have to use for your stays (was the point stretcher available?). I'm also a Gold. Love the fact that HH Gold gets to stay at concierge/tower rooms (when available), or at least have access to it as compared to being a Starwood gold (only good thing about Starwood is that the chain is a bit better and you can redeem pts for one weekday nights). By the way, IMHO, Sheraton Universal, World, and Safari are poorly ran (I had to constantly complaint about the rags the hotel calls "towels").

Originally posted by MOM POPPINS
We are going the first week in March. I bid on Priceline (the Hilton comes up a lot) I got it for 55 dollars a night!
How did you become a golm member? I am also a hilton honors member but not gold. Thanks again!

Wow, $55 a night (that's awesome), the lowest I have seen on HH web site has been over $175 (and to add 11% tax on top of it). It takes just four stays (not nights) to become Silver, and 16 stays (calendar year and not 12 months from your first stay) to reach Gold. You are aware that by using priceline, you are not eligible to accrue any credit with HH.

You can also apply for an Amex Hilton optima card, which will upgrade you to silver for your first year (I don't believe that there's an annual fee associated). The only plus to being silver is the availability to earn additional HH bonus pts (maybe getting upgrade certificates to concierge room after 4 or 5 stays). You can get on the HH website and find out the various membership levels and benefits.


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