Down syndrome and Guest Assistance Pass

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    Mar 17, 2001

    Just joined the group today and love it! I came
    to this board per a recommendation after I posted
    this question at the WDW message.

    My son his Down symdrome and he is 3 years old.
    He is not yet walking and way a bit over thirty pounds. My concern was that we would be leaving his stroller at the entrance of a rdie and then we would have to carry him through the line. With his low tone issues and his weight it becomes very difficult to carry him after a few minutes. He also has sensory issues which are
    aggravated by crowds and being over stimulated.
    I was hoping to be able to take his stroller through the lines therefore saving my back and
    providing an enviroment he feels safe in. This would also allow me to look after his twin brother who does not has ds and is a ball of energy. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. :rolleyes:
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    Aug 22, 1999
    No problem!!! When you go to Guest Services to get your Guest Assistance Card (GAC), be sure to tell them that you need to use the stroller as a wheelchair, and make sure they stamp that on your card.

    Scroll down on this page and page 2 to see discussions about the GAC, and about dealing with hypersensitive kids. :) You will have a great time!
    Tips about dealing with sensory overload in sensitive kids

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    Aug 23, 1999
    Glad you came to our little corner of the DIS. Welcome.
    Here's a little more about Guest Assistance Cards. First, they don't call them Guest Assistance PPasses anymore. They are kind of picky about that because they don't wnat people to get the idea that it is a pass that allows you to get into rides immediatly.
    You can search for Special Assistance Pass (the old name), Guest Assistance Card , SAP or GAC on the board for more info. Here is some basic information:
    How do you get one? You can go to Guest Relations in any of the parks and request one. You don't
    need a doctor's letter or any evidence to shop you need one. You do need to be able to explain what your
    problems are and what assistance you need; like do you have a problem with being in the sun, etc.
    How long is it valid? If you are given a pass, it will be good at any park for the length of your
    vacation. You don't need to get one for each park or for each day. You do need to get a new card on your
    next vacation to WDW; it's not good for more than one trip.
    What does it allow you to do? The cards all look the same, but each card has different instructions
    stamped on. I am aware of 4 different messages; there may be more.
    1) Allows a stroller to be used as a wheelchair. ECVs and wheelchairs can be taken into any building
    or line without having any pass or card. This allows strollers to use the same entrances.

    2) Allows a waiting spot shaded from the sun if the line is "in the sun for an excessive amount of
    time." Most of the lines the largest part of the line inside a building or under a roof or shade. One CM
    posted on the board that some of the outdoor lines are even airconditioned to avoid getting too hot.

    3) Allows an alternate waiting area for people who can't wait in line. This one is mostly used for
    children/adults with conditions like autism, ADD or other problems that make waiting in line difficult
    for them or the people with them.
    4) Kids at WDW thru the Make A Wish or similar organizations. This card allows "front of line" access
    because these kids are very fragile and have a life threatening condition. These cards are arrange thru
    WDW and Make a Wish or Give Kids the World as part of their visit.

    For the first 3 categories, you will be asked to use fastpass if available and you are told that the card will
    not allow immediate access to rides/attractions. You will still need to wait; it just may be in a different
    You child sounds like a GAC would rellay be a big help. You will be able to keep the stroller with you until you actually are boarding the ride. The stroller will be waiting for you when you get off. For many rides, the exit is not near the entrance to the ride. For those, wheelchairs and ecvs board at the exit because otherwise you can't get the mobility device to the exit.
    Have fun and keep asking as many questions as you need.

    SueM in MN
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