Don't leave ham n beans...


I've got sunshiiiiine on a cloudy day...
Oct 2, 2020
Oh my ... what goes in must come out. 😬 :sad: Hope it isn't as bad as I expect. Kitty may have a rough night with all that fiber.

I thought the same. I *think* they were just licked and not eaten. I told my germaphobe mother that DH was still going to eat them. :rotfl2: kidding of course!


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Jan 17, 2016
I feel your pain! We've had "cat thieves" through the years. A couple of my favorite stories...

I made a large batch of meatballs. We had some for dinner, and, like you, I was letting them cool on the stove. We had to go out for something. When we returned, I noticed that the cat needed to get out of the house in a hurry. I walk into the kitchen, and there are 3!!!meatballs left in the pot, and tomato-ey pawprints on the stove and floor. No wonder he had to make a quick getaway!

Same cat, years later. I cooked a pork roast, and was letting it rest on the stove. I walk back into the kitchen a few minutes later, and there's the cat, eating the pork roast. I yelled, and he took one big jawfull, and leapt to the floor, pork roast and all.

Sadly, this cat is no longer with us. When we buried him, I put a few meatballs in his (cardboard box) casket, in tribute. I loved that cat, but he was a handful!