Donnell - more water please??? Day Ten

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    Feb 5, 2001
    Last night we discovered we have new neighbours! They must have a young baby because the baby barely stopped crying all night. I think a room change may be in our future.....
    We took the bus to MK and wandered through some of the stores on mainstreet. We then went to Buzz Lightyear and rode it twice. Okay, maybe I should BEGIN my own support group? ;) We then did Space Mountain. On our way out, we discovered a talking/moving garbage pail! We've seen talking ones before that stay put, but never a moving one. The garbage pail was commenting on peoples' clothing and such. It was such a hoot. He got a kick out of me laughing at him. He started following me saying my laugh is contagious. Hmmmm, that's not the first time I've been told that!

    We then walked right onto Snow White followed by IASW. What a difference there is in crowds between weekends and week days. We did Splash Mountain again (still remains my favourite MK attraction) and then pirates. It's such a classic and brings back such great childhood memories.

    We took the boat back to Fort Wilderness and decided to go back to Trail's End restaurant. We were in for an even better treat! We had Donnell as our waiter. If any of you decide to eat at Trail's End, ask for Donnell. He was a riot! When we arrived, he quickly rhymed off all the beverages. I felt guilty saying that all I wanted was water after he took the time to tell us all the options! He laughed and said, "I'm gonna have fun with y'all". We went up to the buffet and got back to our table to find one ENORMOUS pitcher of water with two straws coming out of it. Not only were there two straws, but each straw was comprised of 4 straws attached to one another!!!! He dared us to finish the pitcher. As thirsty as we were, we knew we couldn't do it all. We had some fun with him and emptied our pitcher onto the next table without him knowing. He was baffled by us and brought us out more! I didn't want this water to go to waste, so I did drink it and pack it into our empty water bottles. He told dh to use the tree outside if necessary! LOL Oh what fun he was! Does anyone know an email address I can use to write about how much we enjoyed his service? If any of you go eat there soon, tell him the Canadians who drink endless amounts of water, say hello!!!!!! :D

    We waddled out of the restaurant and decided to take the bus to the Ticket & Transportation Centre one last time to check out the lost & found. No sunglasses for either of us. Ah well........I'm learning to squint very well by now! We decided to explore the monorail hotels today. First stop was the Grand Floridian. We timed it perfectly so we got to hear both the piano player as well as the band on the 2nd floor. How relaxing! Next stop was the Contemporary. I never play video games at home, but for some reason the arcade at this hotel entices me! We played around a little bit in there before taking the bus to MGM.

    We wanted to do the animation tour since we had missed it so far this trip. We saw the first few minutes of the Robbin William film when the film died. It had started to really rain which resulted in technical difficulties. They couldn't get it going again so we went right onto the next part of the tour. The artist was very good and personable. The next two films in the tour werent' working either so the tour was cut very short! It was raining VERY hard by now and we didn't want to wait around for Fantasmic and we had seen most other things in MGM already. We went back to our hotel to relax. We called the front desk to see if we could change rooms and they said yes. We moved upstairs in the same building. We were looking forward to a good night's sleep! My feet were beginning to show signs of 10 days of walking. Ouch! Still couldn't damper our fun!
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    Glad to hear you were able to get moved - a fun day for all - thanks for posting!

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