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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by hearts8701, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. hearts8701

    hearts8701 Castle

    Jan 30, 2000
    i don't know if this is the right board for this
    What if everyone sent one box full of school supplies, toiletries,
    card games, candy, books,clothes etc. to a child at the Astrodome......
    I will send one for each of my children.
    I will lable it : DONATION 7 YEAR OLD BOY for example.

    What if every mother did this for each of her children? 2 children 2 boxes etc.
    A personalized gift for the kids who need it most.

    Address boxes to:
    (it now has its own zip code-no need for address)

    Do this. You'll feel better. :wizard:
    Can you pass this on to anyone and everyone?
    They won't mind!
  2. bettyann29

    bettyann29 <font color=blue>Heres my contribution for today..

    Dec 30, 2003
    :goodvibes :goodvibes
    How kind you are.... I have written down the address and plan on doing the same as you mentioned.. I bet that one box will put a smile on someones face..
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    Sep 27, 2004
    I think this is a great idea too! I have a 5 yr old daughter and this is the perfect way to teach her compassion for those she has seen on tv. My 2 yr old son might even get something out of it who knows? I have been wanting to do something, but I didn't know what. I think this will be great. We will have to go shopping soon! We don't exactly have the extra money right now, but we have a lot more than these people do, nothing. Also, have been feeling guilty beacuse because we are pinching pennies in order to buy a new bigger house when the one we have is just fine. Spoiled :rolleyes: Thanks for this idea! I love it! Just to be sure, can anyone confirm this address? And is this the best spot to send it to those in need?
  5. mrsbornkuntry

    mrsbornkuntry <font color=FF6666>I'm worried about raccoons<br><

    Jul 8, 2004
    I think this is really thoughtful, but it may be more useful to make a monetary donation or to check around and find out exactly what they need, some shelters have different needs as other items have already had enough donations.
  6. strasfamily

    strasfamily DIS Veteran

    Aug 7, 2003
    I know that the shelter they have set up in Phoenix is requesting specific items and that the children will be going to various schools in the area. Like the previous poster stated, you may want to check to see what the shelters are in need of most. Keep in mind that the evacuees are going to several different states.
  7. DMRick

    DMRick I prefer to be tagless!

    Jan 25, 2001
    I posted this somewhere else last night, but I'll post it again. Our church got this update last night:

    Ship to:
    Spring Branch Church of the Nazarene
    1001 Campbell Rd.
    Houston, Tx *77055

    Here is an updated list of things needed in Houston:
    Pop Tarts Single serve snacks
    Granola bars
    Fruit bars
    Energy bars
    Packaged crackers
    Packaged cookies
    Peanut Butter
    Toilet Paper
    Baby Oragel
    Infant Tylenol
    Baby Shampoo
    Afro American hair &skin care items
    Batteries of all sizes
    School Supplies
    Medical Kits
    Feminine Supplies
    Small activities for kids and adults
    Word Puzzles
    small games (board games &card games)
    Etch a Sketch
    Travel MagnaDoodle
    Playing Cards
    Work Gloves &rubber gloves for workers

    The people of Houston and surrounding communities have donated an
    abundance of clothing, shoes, etc. The displaced people in Houston are
    still in such temporary situations that they cannot take more clothing
    items than they can carry with them... no place to put it. That will
    come later when they are situated a little better.

    The Houston Food Bank lists bottled water in plastic SINGLE serve
    containers ONLY as their MOST URGENT NEED. This will be an ongoing need
    for the duration of housing evacuees.
  8. Shagley

    Shagley If you don't move when I say "beep beep", I will r

    Mar 11, 2005

    Remember, sells bottled water, and if you order over $50.00 worth, the shipping is free. That is about 8 or 9 cases of water.
  9. Delilah Bleu

    Delilah Bleu Delilah Bleu

    Jul 8, 2005
    What a great idea!
  10. DMRick

    DMRick I prefer to be tagless!

    Jan 25, 2001
    That's right! And I was told when I ordered using my reward card, there was no charge for shipping. I had to call and have ti removed, but there was no charge.
  11. hearts8701

    hearts8701 Castle

    Jan 30, 2000
    thank you to all who send something whatever you decide to send whether it will be this idea, a check, or your rewards.
    we are as our own Pledge states ...
  12. rflorek

    rflorek DIS Veteran

    Oct 29, 2003
    They had a representative on the news last night saying that they expect the Astrodome to be empty by one week from Sunday. They are placing people in more permanent housing. I wouldn't want to ship items directly there for fear the people may be gone by the time it's delivered.
  13. cascadecupcake

    cascadecupcake Disney Lovin' Michigander

    Mar 4, 2001

    Yes, Yes! Please, by all means, donate whatever you can! But please really look in to the situation first. I heard the same thing on the news about the Astrodome. They want these people in temporary housing, not shelters. Please consider looking in to your local organizations (red cross, etc.) who are in touch with the ever changing situation and know how to distribute the items in need. Ordering up 8-9 cases of water to be shipped somewhere is a wonderful gesture, but may cause even more confusion and delays in the long run if they then have to find trucks and the like to get it to the people. (in the event that they are gone)
  14. Shagley

    Shagley If you don't move when I say "beep beep", I will r

    Mar 11, 2005
    If you go to, there are also lists of addresses and needed supplies for those specific addresses. I agree, don't just blindly send supplies because they may just be misplaced or not needed at this point. Send the supplies to the address that DMRick suggested, or I have a thread going of another address that needs help also.

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