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Aug 26, 1999
How do these discounts work? How many rooms can you book under these rates?
just call 800 227-1500 and ask if your dates are available. You can book up to 3 rooms on these discounts.

just bring something to prove that you teach or that you work for the govt. on any level including state or city.
A friend and I will be in Orlando for one night in a couple weeks, and on a whim I called the Dolphin to see if they had nurse or teacher discounts for that particular night (I teach in a nursing school--wish I could get a DOUBLE discount!) and they did, so we are staying there for the first time! Wish it was more than one night, though. I was sure they wouldn't on such short notice, especially in March. I was told I could get up to three rooms at the discount. Both discount rates were $129 per night. I booked the nurse rate, as it's easier to bring my nursing license than to bring a letter on school letterhead.
We're planning a family trip next January and I had heard about these great rates.

We're planning a family trip next January and I had heard about these great rates.

$143 and some odd cents with taxes.
We are going to WDW in March and staying at the Dolphin for 8 nights. Since DW is a teacher, we booked the teacher rate. We planned on just taking one of her paycheck stubs from the school system? Is this enough? Should I plan on getting a letter too?
I was told to bring a pay stub along with either my teaching license (which I'm a little leary to travel with) or my educator's card. They indicated to me to bring two forms of teaching credentials.
I stayed at the Swan for 10 nights in December with the teacher's rate. All I showed was my union card. It was seamless at check in.
or do you have to be presently employed. I am a retired nurse who is ex military and ex federal government , is there any chance that I can get this rate?
Being a retired nurse, did you happen to keep your license, even in an inactive status? That would qualify you for the nurses rate, as you only need to be currently licensed--not necessarily working.

If not that, do you , by any chance, draw a government pension? If so, your pension check stub (naming the government as payer) would qualify you for the rate.

I'm afraid that's about the only way.

Good luck!
Do they qualify as a government, state, city worker entitled to a discount?

Thank you.
Yes...Police officers at any level of government qualify for the government discount rate of 129.00/night.
Thanks for the info, I just called the Swan directly and asked and they said that my pension statement would qualify for the discount, so I now have a room through Dreams unlimited for the discount price. I tried through the Swan last night but they said that there were no rooms left at that rate for that night, so I tried with DU and was able to book one! Yeah!! I can now cancel my other booking elsewhere, saving $25 US and this way we get to see what the Swan is like for next Dec.:D
Thanks again,
Originally posted by vellamint
Thanks!!! Now if they only slept 5 we would be set.

Ahhh..but they can get a roll away bed for the 5th person.

Or, if #3,4, and 5 are small, the Swan has queen beds, which would accomodate three little ones confortably.

wenabre--what time last night dod you call?? I am wondering if you got the national reservations line, which knows little about the true workings at the SD. I always tell everyone to call during the day, so that they know they are speaking to the right people. That number is, during the day, staffed by the local reservationists at the SD, but, goes National at night.

Hope you enjoy your stay at the SD!
I made a copy of my teaching certificate and I am bringing my pay stub. I didn't want to travel with my original certificate.


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