Dollar Rent a Car taxes cost more if you bring it back the following hour??

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Disneyfun1, Aug 20, 2002.

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    Jul 4, 2000
    This may sound tricky, so here goes. I got a quote for a compact 02 dodge neon for 2 days for 24.99/day using FVG code, for sept 4-6. Total was 60.and some change. I found out through trial and error the cut off for an addtional day charge was 45 mins. So i picked an 830 am p/u and a 915 am drop time. I was checking again today and just had it at 9 am pu and drop times and it went down to 58.32 total price. The taxes went down! I played with the 45 min window and only if i rented in one hour(such as 9) and returned the next hour(at 10) it went back up, even if only 15 mins later such as 945 pu and 1000 drop. Why would the next hour time be more in taxes??? Another strange one. Regardless, i rebooked for the same 'hour' time frame with a 45 min window for less.
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    The Florida tire & battery tax is $2.05 per day. So if you go over a whole day, it charges another day. One time I had a National reservation where we got to the airport earlier than I had reserved so it went under a whole day and they recalculated it so that it was less. They also recalcuated the one free day with the DC coupon, it ended up giving more discount. Instead of taking the weekly rate divided by 7 days, they took it by 6 days and it ended up a higher discount! I ended up paying $4 or $5 less total. So playing with the times when reserving really doesn't matter, it depends on the actual times.

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