Dog Stranded On Tanker Rescued--update

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    I know there was some confusion about this so here's UPDATE.....

    HONOLULU -- A dog stranded on an abandoned tanker in the Pacific Ocean for more than three weeks has been rescued.

    The Coast Guard says crew members of a tugboat sent to retrieve the drifting tanker caught the mixed-breed terrier on deck and tucked her inside a portable kennel.

    The tug is working to push the larger vessel away from an island in U.S. territory. Authorities fear the tanker could spill its 60,000 gallons of diesel fuel into the waters near Johnston Atoll.

    The tanker has been adrift since a fire in early March disabled the ship. One crewman died. Other crew members were picked up by a luxury cruise liner on April 2. But the mutt was left behind.

    The dog hadn't been seen since Monday when she evaded some Hawaiian fishermen who were trying to coax her off the ship.

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