Does JetBlue match other airline fares?


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Jan 6, 2003
AirTran is currently $30.00 per ticket less then JetBlue. I'll travel with AirTran but prefer JetBlue because of the service and tv for the children, it's a life saver. Will JetBlue match the price difference?

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Aug 21, 1999
I can't speak for JetBlue, but airlines generally don't price match. They will match when a sale is released but once the cheap tickets are gone you can't call and say "Airtran" is cheaper. The agents can't change the fares they have....


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Aug 19, 1999
I've never heard of an airline price-matching, actually. Novel idea, but probably not possible given the shared reservations systems not supporting that kind of thing.

Horace Horsecollar

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Feb 10, 2002
Airlines often have fares in their computers that are based on what the competition is charging. But they don't always do so. If an airline thinks they can get a better yield by charging more -- even if it takes longer to sell out or even if some seats go empty -- then that's what they'll do.

JetBlue may very well feel that they offer a superior product to AirTran, and that many customers (though not all) would be willing to pay $30 more.

After all, JetBlue provides substantially more legroom -- 34 inches in most coach seats, compared to 30-31 inches on AirTran. JetBlue allows passengers to select seats ahead of time without the $5 fee that AirTran charges. JetBlue does not charge for a second checked bag (so far). And JetBlue provides an individual video screen for every seat.

Airlines don't match fares based on phone calls from customers saying, "XYZ Airlines is charging $30 less than you are, so please match their fare."