"Does it have to be a DISNEY cruise??"

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Rock'n Robin, Jun 8, 2003.

  1. Rock'n Robin

    Rock'n Robin Disney Queen

    Jan 20, 2000
    My parents are thinking of using part of our inheritance to take the whole family (me, DH and our 3 kids plus sister, BIL and their two girls) on a cruise or vacation next summer. I have put a bee into Dad's bonnet about the Disney western cruise--I have two cat. 10 SPH rooms booked, but dad wants a verandah, and it would work if DS slept with them--we could get 3 cat. 5 or 6 rooms together, or possibly 7s.
    I mentioned this to sis last night and she mentioned it to BIL--he said "does it have to be a DISNEY cruise?" (should mention that the Disney gene skipped her).
    I had emphasized that it is a real family cruise since they are very religious, so she said today "I EMailed you a list of other family cruise lines":eek: . She says "I just want to explore all of our options".
    Luckily I live closest to mom and dad :) so I have a little more influence--plus she does like the ports, and I loaned her my cruise video. I also told her I can take dad to the travel agent and nothing will get by me because I have my book (thanks Passporter) and my cruise board, so he should get the best deal--I may even try DU when he finally makes his decision. And the whole point is we aren't even paying so we should be quiet, right?
    Anyone know what other cruise lines are marketing themselves for families, and what arguments can I use against them?:p
    Robin M.

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    Feb 17, 2000
    I would think the other big line doing the family thing is Royal Caribbean. All of their commercials show familes and they have things like the inline skating, mini-golf etc.

    I would definately suggest you use Dreams Unlimited. They will work with you to coordinate everything, With a number of rooms you up the chance that you will get an in-room gift from them (anytime they have 8 or more rooms booked on a single cruise each room gets a gift). They will watch prices for you and best of all they usually offer a rebate!

    If you can get them to make a decision before you cruise again you could also qualify for in-room credit.

    I've sailed numerous other lines and I say do Disney and do Dreams!
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  4. kshabare

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    Aug 4, 2001
    It's funny because if you've ever cruised DCL, there are no arguments other than "it's not about the money". I get so uptight when people tell me how they can get a cruise for less money. Well, they can - that's a fact. However, there is nothing like a Disney Cruise Line Vacation. It is total class. It was totally amazing and if I could, I'd cruise every year for the rest of my natural born life. I won't be cruising until February 2005 and I'd sell a kidney to go sooner (LOL).

    Since there's no money issue, she should give in and just do DCL. If she should want to cruise again on another ship, she can.
  5. Buckaroo's Dad

    Buckaroo's Dad <font color=green>Will suffer in happiness rather

    Jul 5, 2002
    Hi Robin.

    The response should be, "Yes."

    I have witnessed religious zealots on "family" vacations in Las Vegas - not a very pretty sight... lol.

    Why not ask BIL what he is looking for in a cruise. The only missing item would be a casino and that isn't "family oriented."

    By the way, I have only heard good things about Royal Caribbean. It may even be worthwhile to experience another cruise line - if for no other reason than to avoid a confrontation with your sister and her family...
  6. inkkognito

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    Nov 22, 1999
    For us, it has to be a Disney cruise because of the level of quality. It's the same reason that we pay more to stay at a Disney-owned property vs. a cheaper hotel. But we do make some exceptions...for quickie trips, we have stayed at Downtown Disney hotels via Priceline, and we have done four RCCL cruises for comparison. If you decide to do RCCL, the kids would have a good time on one of the newer Voyager-class ships. The mini-golf, rock climbing wall, and especially the ice rink are incredible! But even with those amenities, we still prefer Disney because of the atmosphere (family oriented, plus adults only areas), the level of quality (larger staterooms, very well kept), and the variety of activities. With RCCL, we felt like they expected adults to entertain themselves in the casino rather than offering a lot of programming. The kids seemed more underfoot too...on Disney, they always seem to be occupied.
    It's always a personal preference, particularly for people who missed getting the Disney gene. Either way, I'm sure it will be a great time, but for me it's Disney.
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  7. PiperG

    PiperG Can't wait to enjoy our one day of summer here in

    May 5, 2002
    I just wish DCL had another ship or ships that went to other destinations. We are currently planning an Alaskan cruise with good friends (their DD 8 and our DS 6 are fast friends). We are planning to book the RCCL Radiance of the Seas which looks very nice on the travel channel. However, I can't imagine getting the "pixie dust" that we receive with DCL. Although I am enthusiastic about that trip, I am not as pumped up about making the arrangements as I am with a WDW or DCL vacation.
  8. MarkMichaels

    MarkMichaels Mouseketeer

    Jan 17, 2001
    We're booked on our third Disney cruise and our second RCCL cruise will come next year. Not sure about the ages of all the kids involved, but I would bet if the majority of them are in the 9 and under crowd, Disney would be the cruise of choice. RCCL's new big boats are also great family vacation retreats, but I would still lean towards Disney with the younger kids.

    Disney does tend to be a touch on the pricy side though. To keep that in check, you might consider letting your folks get a cat 6 on deck 6, you could get a cat 11 across the hall from them. We did this last year with friends and it worked quite well.

    Either way, book a cruise and go. Every time my family would put one off to "think about options", it wouldn't happen.
  9. Rock'n Robin

    Rock'n Robin Disney Queen

    Jan 20, 2000
    Great replies so far!
    My own kids in 2004 will be 6,9 and 12. My sister's kids will be 11 and 15. My oldest and her youngest would be in the same club. They all girls except for the 6 year old. Her oldest would be with the teens.
    I forgot to say my folks want to do this to celebrate their 50th anniversary!:D
    Robin M.
  10. mac_tlc

    mac_tlc DIS Veteran

    Aug 31, 2001
    Realistically, I think you have two choices. Either Disney or the Voyager-class ships from RCCL. Both are tremendous family cruises. With the ages of your kids, its a toss-up, I think. Really depends on what else is important. Money $$ ?? Adult activities?? The Disney "feel" ??
    I have a fairly detailed comparison of the two, if you are interested... e-mail me and I can give you the info...

    Good luck !!!!


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