Does any one remember The Magic in The Box promotion Disney had last year


Mar 8, 2000
Does any one remember this. when you bought your park pass through CRO and they sent you a magic in the Box full of stuff.I was wondering if there having anything like that now when you order your tickets.

That was a wondrful promotion! I ordered DD tickets and got tons of great stuff. I keep hoping they do it again. DS will need passes next time we go so I would love to order again when they have the boxes. But, sigh I have a feeling they may not.....
I buy the passes when ever we have extra money! Makes it less painful when we actually start planning!

We didn't get in on those last year so we made our own magic box for our DD. We picked up this neat Disney acitivity box at Toys R Us which has word searchs and crosswords puzzles in it, a disposable camera, a Disney beanie, wonderballs, a tinkerbell pen, and a new disney gameboy game. She really enjoyed it and it kept her busy during the 11 hour drive. Hope this helps!

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