Do your friends think your a "Disney Freak"?


Feb 17, 2002
My friends think I like Disney too much. So I was wondering if anyone has any friends who think they like disney too much. I don't think I like Disney too much
even though I do have about a million disney stuff animals. LOL. Just kidden about 100. But still does anyone? :earsgirl:

thats why im not telling them about my 4 trips coming up this year!! LOL! :)

but its all good b/c i few of them like it and more of them are going this year with choir so maybe they will understand! :D
Yeah, especially when they see my car. They think I have too much Disney stuff.

yea my friends think it's kinda weird that i've been to disney about 16 times and live 2200 miles away but o well i still love that place!!!:pinkbounc :bounce:
Well I toatally Luv the place but they are mostly into other stuff.
But I still luvvvv Disney.:earsgirl:
yeah..they do...and i don't care :)
i brought my best friend with me to WDW last year..and she loved it....

Yup-my friends roll thier eyes @ me (like this):rolleyes: when I start raving about all the rides, characters, and everything Disney! That's b/c they've all been too, so they do not need someone to tell them about all the things they've already seen! Oh well!!! I will continue on being a "Disney Freak" w/ the rest of u guys!!! ;) :earsgirl: :bounce:
haha I get that all the time, but I don't care b/c they're the ones who are missing out!! :earsgirl:
Some of them do, and some of them don't. I have two friends (both guys) who like Disney a lot, maybe not as much as me, but they don't roll their eyes when I tell them I am going to DL for the 3rd time in a week lol, they just ask to come along. But most of my friends tease me about my love for Disney - I just ignore it.
They're starting to... I'm telling them I'm going in June and they're all like "you just went like a year ago!" Most of my friends like Disney, just not as much as I do.
Also every time my friends come into my room the first thing they say is " Man you got a whole lot of Disney stuff".
I agree because everywhere you look there is something disney. But I still think that I could use some more stuff.:earsgirl:

My friends don't think I like Disney "too much"...but they know how important it is to me! Last year for my 17th birthday they bought me a Disney Character cake and a whole bunch of Disney Balloons! It was really great! My friends are awesome about it and we even plan to take a trip there this summer to see what all the "fuss" is about!
Not many of my friends know that i love disney so much. My best friend, though, is also a Disney freak along with me so all we do is look at Disney stuff.
Actually I just remebered that i do have a friend that likes Disney ( not as much as me) and is she is at Disney as we speak (so lucky).:earsgirl: :bounce:
A few of my friends have been to WDW too, but none of them are as Disney-mad as me. I think they get a bit fed up when I start rabbiting on about the parks, rides, parades, shows................................:rolleyes:


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