Do you worry about I-95 driving weather (NY to FL)? How do u prepare/handle? Like

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by fairytinkerbell, Feb 29, 2012.

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    We were thinking of driving from NY to FL but worry about the weather there and back on I-95. For instance, tonight, the weather channel reported that a few states (on I-95 area) have a 40% chance of a tornado touching down.

    How do you handle this? What if the road floods? Do you pull over / stop driving for hours if it is heavy rain? This is also why we are renting a car.

    There are so many flash floods and crazy weather happening.
  2. Kattabba

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    Feb 22, 2012
    I have been up and down 95 my whole life :) there are many paces to pull over if u feel the weather is getting a little wacky - realistically avoid the major cities (DC, Richmond) around commuter traffic time anyway - but especially if there is bad weather in the forecast (heck - here in NJ a few misty showers causes severe traffic :rotfl2:)

    As far as tornadoes, flooding, that has never affected us. And like I said plenty of rest stops and exits if visibility/driving seems to be getting bad! The great thing is you can move in/out of storms fairly quickly as u drive on 95 :)
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    We drive down in the winter each year from central NY. Once on 95 as the OP said you have many options for getting off the highway and to services if you need to. We have left NY in all kinds of weather and been able to make into North Carolina on day 1. We usually stay in the Dunn or Wilson area right off I 95. With technology what it is today with smartphones and GPS you can find what you are looking for pretty easily and keep up to date on changes in the weather. Have a great trip! :thumbsup2

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