Do you think the teenagers will be bored @ OKW


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Jul 15, 2001
I'm kinda worried now that I saw in another thread a post about OKW being to spread out and quiet for the teenagers. Will there not be enough for them to do easily enough with the boats to DD and the bus transportation to other places to keep them happy? They are 17, 18 and 21. I sure hope I haven't messed up by moving the trip up and moving part of it to OKW from VWL.
Would try to waitlist at VWL or BWV but MS said they couldn't guarantee that the 2 bed and studio would both be switched. I'm affraid they would switch one but not the other and then we would be seperated.

I wouldn't worry about your kids being bored. Kids don't mind riding the bus to wherever they want to go and OKW is not any different than other non-monorail hotels. No, they don't have the ability to boat or walk to MGM and Epcot, but they can get a bus to those parks. The only advantage at WL is the boat to MK and to the Contempory to catch a monorail to Epcot. OKW is a great resort and I am sure your teenagers will enjoy their stay! My 16 year old son enjoyed the tennis courts when we stayed there last March. Just plan to have a good time!
Not much to do at the resort for them but they are certainly old enough to hop the buses or boat to wherever they'd like to go and they'll love the extra space at OKW. My teens are 19 & 16 and they love the large unit size at OKW, they find the 1 bdr HUGE. They like to go to Disney Quest, Boardwalk, mini golf and PI for the 19 yo but they never have a problem finding transportation. If they were younger and not able to hop the transportation by themselves it may be a problem but at their ages I'm sure you'll all have a great trip.
I agree. They are all old enough to get around on their own. I'm sure they'll love staying at OKW and hopping the bus anywhere they want to go. I don't think they'll find getting around the resort itself a problem either. There are tennis courts and there is also a basketball court up by the main pool and the workout room and sauna.

Our 3 were 6, 9 and 11 when we joined DVC. They're now 16, 19 and 20. They've "grown-up" at OKW, and they love it just as much now as they did when they were little.

They like the pools at OKW, and they know the bus system very well.

Don't give it a second thought. They'll be fine.
Thanks for the reassurances everybody. I'll quit worrying about it now. I thought they were probably old enough to go out on there own.

Thanks again,
Our home resort is BWV but my 16 year old loves to stay at OKW. I think he likes the bigger rooms.

IMHO VWL has similar "problems" to OKW in the resort itself being quiet. While it is possible to get busses about, if they just want to take a walk in the evening or "kill an hoiur" before going to bed then taking busses isn't really practical. At BW they can walk around the lake and along the promenade. Personally I'd much rather they be within a few minutes walk as opposed to being a couple of miles away. Different kids have different preferences, I know mine was happier at BW, but that doesn't mean that they would have felt deprived had they stayed on OKW. As far as safety issues, while no where is 100% safe I prefer that BW has a lot more people milling around, whereas OKW requires a lot of walking through unpopulated areas. There could be an argument that more people raises any potential risk and that sleepy OKW in fact is a lower risk as far as safety goes.

I'm sure they will have a good time where ever you end up so I certainly wouldn't lose sleep over it. Yours are a couple of years older than mine and I'm sure they will deal with whatever situation they find themselves in.
On my first trip to OKW, I took my nephew and his best friend and they were 21 & 18 at the time. They loved it They took the bus to PI each night, and if the nephew drank, didn't have to worry about him driving. Five years later he still likes to go with his girlfriend.
We have two boys 17 & 20. We bought at OKW five years ago. They still love it as much now as when we first bought. Everytime I try to say lets stay somewhere else the answer is always no.
They love the easy access to Downtown Disney and the options of where to go next.
Thanksgiving 2000 we went with my whole family. That was 8 of us including 2 nieces, ages 15 & 21 and 1 nephew age 19. They had no problem staying at OKW. When they wanted to go they went-E-ride night, DD, pools etc. They love OKW.
My nephew has gone twice with a good friend whose parents own at OKW as well. Their last trip was just 'the guys' on spring break from college. The 3 of them stayed in a studio at OKW and had a ball, parks, DD and just hanging out. I think that the location is what you make it. We love the quiet of OKW, especially after the bustle of the parks and so did the teens.
My 22, 20, 20, and 19 year olds all love staying at OKW. LAst year we stayed with the 20 year olds at BW and they enjoyed it but said the extra room to spread out, views of the golf courses and that community feel was much better.


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