Do you have the book, "Making Disney Scrapbook Pages"?


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Nov 10, 1999
Is it a good book? Are the free cut outs in it acid free and so forth? Would you buy this book again?
I do have this book and like it ok, but my favorite is the Creating Keepsakes Disney Scrapbook Idea Book. It's a great layout book with tons of ideas.

I saw that book last night!! I don't have kids yet, but I think I'd probably use that for pages when I do.. :) I bought last night a book of "Simply Mickey" Paper Pizazz paper. It's just the Mickey "heads" on all different colors - very simple, but will make great photo mounts and backgrounds for my pages.. Very excited about that, and about the Mickey "head" punch tool I got, too! BONUS! I'm normally just a Creative Memories user, so this is considered "Contraband" ;) hehe... Can't wait to use this stuff!
Making Disney scrapbook pages was my first Disney related scrapbook purchase. If I had it to do again I would not have purchased it. Most of the paper is Pooh themes and Disney movie themes. Not much Mickey. I think it is probably more for every day pages rather than a Disney trip, though I have used some of the cut outs and paper piecing patterns. If you are looking for ideas, I like the Big Idea Book of Disney Memories by Creating Keepsakes. If you are looking for paper, Disney's Mickey Mouse simple backgrounds by Paper Pizazz is a really good choice.

I used about 1/2 of the book for my disney album.... now I use the rest for nice matting or framed on plain paper backgrounds ! I did really like it though !
just bought this book yesterday. I'm still rather new to scrapping, and I'm trying to get better at my layouts and to have some pages that really pop at you. Most of mine has been real simple (which is fine) but I really admire those spectacular pages! I believe those type of pages come from practice, but also some basic skills lessons help.

I found this book to have some basic info on paper piecing that I was unaware of. It also has somehow to's that a beginner may not have figured out how to turn a simple page into one that can "pop". Does that make sense?

This book also contains six Paper Pizazz papers that are exclusive to this book. They include Bouncing Tigger, Pooh faces, fall leaves Piglet, Pooh's favorite things, Mickey silhouette on red. and blue Mickey tiles.

It explains how to take a layout of one design (Pooh) and use another theme (Mickey). It has examples of the pages done both ways, which I found nice. I am not very creative, and need some basic help and hints that it gave in the pages. I also have another Disney layout book that I like, but for ma a beginner with no imagination, I found this book very helpful. It even shows you how to design a 8X11 page and turn it into a 12X12.

I paid $19.00 @ Michael's, wish I had used a coupon, but I would buy it again!
Definately worth it--especially with Michael's 40% off coupon! Also thought Paper Pizazz's Magic Kingdom papers were well worth it. Paid $6.99 at local scrapbook store but have seen it for $5 something at Joann's on sale.


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