DLP trip Report Day 2 March10


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Aug 7, 2001
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Me, my mother, Zachary – just 8 and Danny 2½

All awake bright and early(ish), well 08.30 actually. By the time Mum and I had finished our ablutions and putting on the slap it was getting on for 9.30 so down (or along as we were on the ground floor already) we went for breakfast, which we had in the Manhattan restaurant. Loads of food on offer here from ham, cheese, fruit, cereals etc Eventually rolled down to the Studios for about 10.20. I thought they opened at 10.00 but they didn’t open the main doors inside until 10.30.
Not too many people, so just a mild crush, and we went straight onto the first go on Armageddon. Not a good idea, with Danny!!! Oooops. Actually he just cowered into me and whimpered a bit whereas Zach really hated it. I think it would have made a lot more sense in English so it just came across as a load of shouting, vibrations, bangs and some fire.
Went to queue with Zach for the Rock’nRoller but all of a sudden he bolted for the exit so I had to follow, against the queue….sigh.

Anyway we went onto the Studio Tram Tour, which they both quite liked apart from the falling into the Canyon bit – LOL, took mum by surprise as well. Then it was straight onto the Flying Carpets, which Danny adored. After that we headed to the Rendezvous des Stars for a little caffeine-fuelled refreshment, before getting seated for the Stunt Show Spectacular – and this was spectacular!!! Brilliant! The only criticism I have with this is the constant talking in between setting up the stunts - you just want to yell – Get on with it!!

Zach decided he didn’t want to do the boring stuff – i.e.Animagique, Cinemagique so we wandered around trying to get some autographs and photos.

We then wandered over to the Disneyland Park, went around to Discoveryland and went straight onto Star Tours (did I mention that it wasn’t majorly busy?) Zach and Mum thought this was excellent whilst I think Danny was starting to develop a bit of a complex against the rides – everytime we went through some doors he pulled down his hood over his eyes. Then we wandered over to Pirates as we were thinking about dinner at the Blue Lagoon, but the set menu didn’t really appeal. Anyway talked them into giving it a go – after all it’s just a little boat ride with some pirates singing – haha. Guess they got the last laugh though as we got the front seat and I had to sit on the left right in line for the water jets – splat!!!

Decided to go have a swim, as we were all a bit damp anyway so off we headed back to the hotel. I love the pool at the NY but I wish it had a shallow end as Danny likes to start off easy and Mum can’t swim too well. Anyway the Jacuzzi rumbled into life after about 10 mins so Mum was happy. The kiddy pool was a bit too small and ever so warm so Danny and I trundled up and down a few time in the main pool, while Zach found this enormous float. One of the lifeguards beckoned me over to ask whether he(Zach) needed any armbands, which I thought was bit too late as he had already done about 10 laps unaided. This pool looks enormous in all the brochures but it isn’t as big as it looks.

Anyway it was getting onto about 17.30 so we all dried off, after losing Zach for about 10 mins, then found him chilling out in the Sauna!! “Lovely and warm in there, mum” I can’t even stand the things!!! Washed out all our swimthings and then relaxed for about an hour watching the Disney Channel, whilst Mum went on the hunt for a phone that accepted coins as opposed to cards. I went and got some coffees from the bar - €3.5 (about £2.40). At 18.30 we headed on down to the Parkside Diner for Dinner. We didn’t fancy the set menu as neither of us felt like dessert so we both ordered Onion Soup and a Steak, Zach and Danny had Pizza and Nuggets. We had cokes all round and I had a coffee to take back to the room. Total price €73(£50) I know I moaned the other day about prices but thinking about rationally now I’m not so tired and grizzly, it’s not really such a bad price to pay.

Then baths all round and bed, Danny wouldn’t settle in the cot so I had to bring him in with me and Zach until he went off then put him back to his own bed. Read for a while then asleep by 21.30


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Jun 17, 2000
Originally posted by elisebutt
...I think it would have made a lot more sense in English so it just came across as a load of shouting, vibrations, bangs and some fire...
Some of the dialogue IS in English (albeit with a heavy Russian accent)! However, with all the shouting, bangs, and vibrations it is difficult to make out what is being said. This attraction is quite intense and I've seen several children (and one adult!) get extremely anxious when the flames appear and the lod noises start up.

Glad you enjoyed the Stunt Show. I think it's the best attraction in the Studios park (and way better than the Indy Stunt Show in tn Disney/MGM), although I know what you mean about the dialogue between scenes - it does go on, especially as everything is said in English & French.




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Aug 18, 1999
But you didn't do Cinemagique (one of my faves!!) and I'm sure the boys would have loved Animagique (our two - 4 and 6 - had to do it twice because they liked it so much!). Never mind, there's always another day :teeth:

Did your boys cope OK with the Reign of Fire section of the tram tour, Elise? Our two both found it a bit too much!