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Discussion in 'Disneyland Paris Trip Planning & Community Board' started by smilingmouse, Aug 6, 2003.

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    Jul 9, 2002
    A few weeeks ago, I posted a question on this board re: how to book a 1 night stay at the Sequoia Lodge from 12/25-26. Several of you were very helpful, and I'm hoping you'll be able to help once again.

    I'm still trying to book my 1 night stay (either as a package or just the hotel room), and I'm not getting anywhere. I've tried booking via the internet using both the official DLP site and online travel agents--no luck. I've called the DLP reservation center in Paris 4 times--no luck. I've also tried to book by calling the hotel directly--once again, no luck. Everyone that I've talked to at all of these places says that it is impossible to do December booking before Sept. 1st. However, I've read that people on this board have already been able to book December stays.

    Does anyone know if I can book my stay now? If so, how? Should I just wait? Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, I've heard about a special called "decouverte" which is a one night package at one of the official DLP hotels, but the people at DLP reservations said they have never heard of it. Is it just for people from a certain area/country?

    One last thing, does anyone know the name, address and title of someone I can write to concerning my DLP planning problems?

    Thanks Again,
    (You guys are great!)

    Smiling Mouse
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    Mar 13, 2003
    This is very strange as not 10 minutes ago I got my booking confirmation through the post for our December 7th-12th stay.

    I had to wait until this past Friday to cofirm the booking because they had to wait for the Eurostar allocations to come in but the accomodation was ready and waiting.

    It's not the travel agent second guessing either because they've been in constant contact with Disney themselves who offered us a different Buffalo Bills show date as the one we originally planned was booked up (4 months ahead!!) and they also offered us the honeymoon suite for £1000 extra (no, we didn't take them up on that - £200 extra a night for a room we'll see very few non-sleeping minutes in - no ta, rather use that for meals at The Blue Lagoon and those nice Crystal ornaments in one of the arcades - whether they were in Discovery or Liberty I can't remember!).

    If it's any help at all, the people I used are www.travel-stop.co.uk and I sorted the whole thing through an incredible helpful lady called Leonie (pronounced Laney as I found out when we spoke). International phone: 0044 1473 832111 or 0044 1359 242555.

    Best of luck, I'm sure you'll get the booking soon and you'll have a tremendous time.

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