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Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by plutojudy, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. plutojudy

    plutojudy When you wish upon a star.....

    Jan 1, 2001
    It has been ten years since we visited DL (before CA was finished), where are the best places to eat in the parks? Downtown Disney?
    Best Sit Down?
    Best counter service?
    Best snacks?
  2. audrabolster

    audrabolster <font color=blue>You didn't hear about the polar b

    Oct 6, 2007
    I've only been to the Blue Bayou and Cafe Orleans. I don't really like either.

    Counter Service:
    I like the French Market and the hungry bear

    snacks: I like the fruit stands. and of course the churro. mmm
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  4. toocherie

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    Jan 7, 2008
    See below

    Downtown Disney? I like the Jazz Kitchen -- I even like the "to go" place next door--(beignets are the best!)
    Best Sit Down? I like Blue Bayou . . . or Cafe Orleans . . . I also liked the Breakfast Buffet at the Plaza Inn. I also like Storyteller's in the Grand Californian and the breakfast buffet at Paradise Pier (going there Sunday just for that)
    Best counter service? Haven't eaten there, but have heard good things about Pacific Wharf in DVA
    Best snacks? I LOVE Disneyland/DCA popcorn. And the Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream bars
  5. Mrs. Bee

    Mrs. Bee WDW 1987,1991,1995,2008 Disneyland over 200 times

    Nov 1, 2007
    At Disneyland I like the French Market's beef stew in a bread bowl. They are over in New Orleans Square. Yummy. And also the Pizza Port in Tomorrowland is great. It's one of the cheapest places to eat and you get huge portions.

    At DCA I like the Pacific Wharf's brocolli cheese soup in a bread bowl.

    And for a snack...a tollhouse chocolate chip cookie and a mocha (or hot chocolate) at the Blue Ribbon Bakery on main street.
  6. fairycat

    fairycat <marquee><font color=deeppink>Modern Disney Prince

    Jan 4, 2007
    I won't lie I think the food is way better in DCA then DL, and others have agreed. My family just came back and were mad they didn't figure that out earlier in their trip.

    Best sit down in park- I have to say as much as I love the theme, the experience and everything of BB, the price and ease of getting in make Vineyard Tratoria the best in park sit down. Its light italian and sandwiches. Overall very good food good prices and good service. My veggie sandwhich was $9.99 with a side of pasta salad and the free bread they give you.

    CS- Of the places I have been I would say the soup bowls in NOS. But I say this as some one who does very little CS. I heard their is a place on the pier in DCA that had great CS food but I haven't tried it. Skip all places with burgers, I heard all but Hungry Bear are TERRIBLE!

    Snack- Carmel Apples all the way!!!! As good as the popcorn always smells their artifical butter is rather disgusting and has a chemical taste that makes me regret getting the popcorn every time.

    Best sit down outside the park- I would give to

    Jazz Kitchen- for having good food, good service and is family friendly. Save room for desserts because I don't think the place serves a bad dessert. YUMMY!!!

    Napa Rose- If you want a grown up get away this place is a dream. I love the place. We love going its just amazing. But I would say very grownup.
  7. actionvaughn

    actionvaughn <font color=navy>Death<br><font color=royalblue>Th

    Sep 12, 2007
    I've only been to most, but in DLR, Cafe Orleans is my favorite. I always get the Monte Cristo and gumbo.

    As for counter service, I love Taste Pilot's Grill. Somehow, having waffle fries makes everything taste better.

    For snacks, I love Dole Floats from the Tiki Room and Bengal skewers from Bengal BBQ.
  8. Tink208

    Tink208 Mouseketeer

    Oct 27, 2007
    I have to say that I had dinner at the Jazz Kitchen and I thought it wasn't very good or worth the money. It was also very noisy and hard to carry on a conversation with the person across the table. This was a couple years ago, though, so maybe it is better now.
  9. Mickey&Donald

    Mickey&Donald <font color=blue>Por favor mantenganse alejado de

    May 28, 2006
    DLR - Blue Bayou. I love the food, and the atmosphere is fantastic! Be sure to order the spinach as a side dish, if you like spinach. I could eat an entire bowl of just that and be in heaven. For counter service, I like French Market for the French Dip or Fried Chicken with red beans and rice, and Bengal BBQ. The meat skewers are great, but I adore the asparagus skewers! Dole Whips are a must, and I can also recommend the foot-long corn dogs from the little red cart on Main Street. Yummm.

    DCA - The Trattoria at the Golden Vine Winery is lovely, and the prices are very reasonable.

    DTD - I loooove Uva Bar, outside of Catal. Their potato-leek soup with garlic croutons is amazing! I was addicted to the kettle corn sold from a cart on this trip, too.
  10. EltonJohn

    EltonJohn <font color=6600CC>DIS Veteran<br><font color=CC00

    Jan 29, 2003
    Pick up the Unofficial Guide to Disneyland-they have good reviews.

    The Blue Bayou is suppossed to be the best sit-down restuarant to eat at Disneyland, and Cafe Orleans is (IMO) a less expensive version. Think Cajun, and do a google of their menus.
  11. zukeeper

    zukeeper <font color=darkorchid>Wants to live in Disneyland

    Apr 29, 2005
    OK - sorry for the long post, but I love to have a reference in the park for who serves what and for how much. Below is my list of places to eat and I did smilies on some of my favorites. I've also noted the things I think are good at each place. I don't have every Churro cart listed however. The Churro is a separate food group in our family :rotfl: (we are the ones responsible when they tell you they've sold out of Churros).

    DISNEYLAND Resort Dining
    Tips -
    order kids meals if they appeal to you, you get a drink and a smaller "on the go" portion
    steer clear of the mac n cheese resort wide
    split meals unless you are at a character buffet (Goofy's Kitchen, Ariel's Grotto Princ Celeb) - you can add a salad or appetizer
    bring non-perishable foods or lunch coolers for snacks and drinks
    freeze drinks/water to bring during hot season, ask for icewater or cup of ice (for packed drinks) whenever ordering food
    if you don't have a stroller for storage, use the lockers to keep snacks and drinks, jackets, etc.



    :) Blue Bayou Lunch $ 19-30 w/salad-monte cristo, short ribs
    Blue Bayou Dinner $ 25-35 w/salad filet, prime rib, pirate boat dessert
    Blue Bayou Children's $ 7-11 chx leg, prime rib
    Cafe Orleans $ 14-16 seafood crepe, monte cristo
    Cafe Orleans Children's $ 7 chx leg
    Cafe Orleans Breakfast $ 8-10 eggs ben, 3 chs monte cristo
    Cafe Orleans Children's Breakfast $ 5 eggs, mickey waffle
    Carnation Cafe Breakfast $ 9 cinn roll fr tst, eggs ben
    Carnation Café Children's Breakfast $ 6 eggs, mickey waffle
    Carnation Cafe Lunch Dinner $ 10 chx pot pie, sand
    Carnation Cafe Children's $ 6 pbj palette, 2 mini dogs
    Club 33 $
    Plaza Inn Minnie and Friends Breakfast $ 22/12 buffet-omel, bisc/gravy, scr eggs, meat
    Plaza Inn lunch/dinner $ 12-15 3 pc chx dinner
    Plaza Inn lunch/dinner children's $ 6 chx leg/mashers


    Bengal Barbecue $ 3-4 skewers, brdstx, mm pretzel w/chs
    Daisy's Diner $ 7 pizza w/salad
    French Market Restaurant $ 9-11 fried chx, bread bowl
    :) Golden Horseshoe $ 8-9 chx tenders, fish n chips, chili chs fries
    Golden Horseshoe child's menu $ 6 chx tend w/fries
    Hungry Bear Restaurant $ 8-9 burgers, club, funnel cake
    Hungry Bear Restaurant child's menu $ 5-6 chx tenders, mini corn dogs
    Pluto's Dog House $ 7 bratwurst w/chips pepper/onions
    :) Rancho del Zocalo $ 10-11 soft tacos, burrito, enchiladas (share)
    Rancho del Zocalo child's menu $ 6 burrito, chx taco w/rice & fruit
    Redd Rockett's Pizza Port $ 6-8 pizza slice, salad, *chx fusilli*, focaccia
    Redd Rockett's Pizza Port child's menu $ 6 pizza, spag/meatball
    River Belle Terrace Breakfast $ 7-8 pancakes, eggs
    River Belle Terrace Lunch/Dinner $ 12-13 prime rib sand, salads
    River Belle Terrace child's menu $ 6 turk/prime rib sand w/fruit
    Royal Street Veranda $ 9 chowder or gumbo in a bowl
    :) Stage Door Café $ 8-9 chx tend, fish'n'chips, funnel cakes, kids chx$6
    Tomorrowland Terrace Breakfast $ 7 frnch tst, eggs/meat, fruit with beverage
    Tomorrowland Terrace - 2 diff menus/sides $ 8 Club, salad, burgers, kids chx or corn dogs$4-5
    Village Haus Restaurant $ 7-8 pizza/salad, burgers/fries, club, kids chx or hot dogs$6


    Blue Ribbon Bakery $ 7 turk/ham/vegetab/tuna sandwich, desserts $2-5
    Corn Dog (aka Little Red) Wagon $ 6 corn dog w/bag chips
    Enchanted Cottage Sweet & Treats $ 7 bratwurst w/apples or chips, popcorn, "castle cookie"
    Toon Up Treats $ 8 tky club w/chips

    Clarabelle's Frozen Yogurt $ 3-4 froz yog, brownie sundae
    Conestoga Fries $ 3 McDonalds fries - always hot
    Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor $ 3-6 choc chip cookie hot fudge sundae
    Harbour Galley $ 3 McDonalds fries - always hot
    Fruit Cart $ 2-5 bag of grapes, pineapple, pickle
    Main Street Cone Shop $ 3-5 apple slices w/ caramel, sundae w/ hot fudge & marsh
    Mint Julep Bar $ 2-5 3 fritters w/sauce, funnel cake, mint julep
    Tiki Juice Bar $ 3-4 dole whip, whip float



    Ariel's Grotto - Disney Princess Celebration $ 28 3 course meal, salmon BLT
    Ariel's Grotto Kid's $ 16 pasta, chx, fish, or mac n chs w/hotdog
    Ariel's Grotto Princess Character Breakfast $ 26/14 family style eggs, meat, pots, fruit
    The Cove Bar $ 9-11 lobster nachos, bbq chx pizza, drinks, beer, wine
    :) Wine Country Trattoria $ 10-13 salads, caprese or meatball sandwich
    Wine Country Children's $ 6 grilled chs, pasta, pizza dog
    Vineyard Room $ 23-34 lamb, chicken, rib-eye


    :) Pacific Wharf Cafe $ 8-10 turk or rst beef sand, chowder or chx salad in brd bowl
    Pacific Wharf Cafe Breakfast $ 4-6 oatmeal, eggs in brd bowl, croissant sandwich
    :) Taste Pilots' Grill $ 8-10 bleu burger, garnish bar, ribs, shakes, beer
    Taste Pilots' Grill child's menu $ 6 chx tenders, mini burgers
    Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill $ 10 fajita tacos or burritos, kids taco or burrito $6
    Award Wieners $ 6-7 chili chs dog, chili fries, kids hotdog $5.50
    Baker's Field Bakery $ 8 ham/turk/roast beef sandwich, salad
    :) Farmer's Market $ 7-9 caesar, chx tenders, fish'nchips, funnel cake, kids chx
    Pizza Oom Mow Mow $ 6-8 pizza slice, chicken fusilla, caesar
    Burger Invasion $ 6 McD's burger w/fries, Happy Meal $5
    Corn Dog Castle $ 5-6 corn dog w/ apples or chips
    Fairfax Market $ 2-5 grapes, pineapple, pickle


    Burrr Bank Ice Cream $ 4-6 cones, choc cake sundae
    Catch a Flave $ 3 softserve with a flavor twist
    Karl Strauss Biergarten $ 6 hand crafted beers, MM pretzels 3.50
    Rita's Baja Blenders $ 5-7 blended margaritas, virgin and regular
    Sam Andreas Shakes $ 4 milkshakes with topping mix-in
    Schmoozies $ 5 mango, mocha, blends, specialty hot choc $3
    Terrace Wine Tasting $ 10 wine tasting 3 wines, cheese platter $15
  12. rockstargeisha

    rockstargeisha Geeky Glamorous

    Apr 19, 2007
    Best Sit Down? Jazz Kitchen in DTD
    Best counter service? Bread bowls at Pacific Wharf
    Best snacks? Bengal BBQ in Adventureland, and frosty lemonades (variety of stands sell these)
  13. Albort

    Albort ODV Crew

    Oct 9, 2006
    Im insulted Zukeeper! Where are the best snacks ever!!! CHUUUUURRRRROOOOSSSSS!

    hahahaha, im just kidding.
  14. Cabelle1863

    Cabelle1863 It's never too soon for another Disney Cruise!

    Jan 3, 2007
    Favorite sit down restaurant- Wine County Trattoria in DCA. The food was delicious, wonderful service and fair prices.

    Favorite counter restaurants- French Market & Rancho del Zocalo in DL and Taste Pilot's Grill in DCA.

    Favorite snacks- chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches from the vending carts. Sooo good! We've been hearing of a lovely snack called a Tigger Tail at Pooh Corner in Critter Country. We're going to give it a try this time.
  15. MommyWithDreams

    MommyWithDreams <font color=deeppink>What has the Dis done to me?

    Jan 10, 2007
    My favorite sit down restaurants:
    Blue Bayou.....how can you not like watching the boats float by. The surroundings are great
    Cafe Orleans. My son and I had so much fun dining here last year. We just sat and loved to watch the people and the band come by throwing out beads to everyone. Lots of fun.

    Favorite Counter Restaurants:
    Stage coach....LOVE those cheese sticks and chicken strips!

    Snacks...I'm such a sucker for the chocolate covered frozen bananna's! :lovestruc
    Oh and churros are just better in DL!
  16. mt mommy

    mt mommy Mouseketeer

    Jan 5, 2007
    I LOVE Bengal BBQ in DL. It is only a counter service, but their meat kabobs and veggie kabobs are SOOOO GOOD!!!
  17. Hound 109

    Hound 109 <font color=teal>So non-screamin' family members c

    Oct 10, 2006
    Great post, Zukeeper. :thumbsup2

    With Allears Menus & your post, I'm good to go for our next trip. I agree with many of your opinions for places that I have tried, so i look forward to trying others on your list.

    Interesting how many (including me) enjoy the "Trat" in DCA. On a nice day, sitting outside smack dab in the middle of DCA watching the world go by (& if you want a glass of wine they have it) would make it a fave even if it wasn't good. But the food is good (not great), the portions are downright "splitable" & as others have said, the prices are fair....almost counter service prices.

    Maybe we need to keep it to ourselves, i haven't had to wait to be seated yet.
  18. kkheburn

    kkheburn Mouseketeer

    Sep 10, 2005
    Churros of course. We may have to do a churro intervention during our trip.:rolleyes1
  19. zukeeper

    zukeeper <font color=darkorchid>Wants to live in Disneyland

    Apr 29, 2005
    No insult - we spend more of our budget on the fabulous Churro than I care to tell. I'll try to find you next trip, but no promises - the family is too busy staring at the best snacks ever!!! CHUUUUURRRRROOOOSSSSS!

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