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Feb 4, 2000
When we were there with Lily ... she was about 23 months and magic bands were in full force, she had to have one to get in. We put it on her ankle and told her if she took it off, we had to go home. That worked and still works. She knows the whole time she is at Disney, if she takes off the magic band, we leave immediately. It's Mickey's rules.

P.S. If a child gets separated from their parents, a CM can pull up your reservation information from the magic band and obtain a cell phone number, etc. That's my main reason for making Lily always keep it on. We all sleep with them, shower with them, swim with them. Once we check-in, they never come off until we get home and then I have to tell Lily that Mickey says we are home and it's ok to take it off. I would be extremely uncomfortable leaving a magic band unattended although without the pin number, it is really harmless.

Oh this is a great idea... Mickey's rule who can fight with that.. I didnt think about CM being able to pull up information on them but this is really smart! I will have to try it out on his ankle too.. Seems like it would be easier to forget about. Thanks for the help!!
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    This may be a silly question but we will be staying at bc in September. My question is we will be traveling with a 21 month old and a 7 month old. Now do they have to wear their Magic bands to get into SAB ? Or can I wear or on backpack? Or is it to leave behind? I'm just kinda worried the older will take off and lose it at some point on trip. It obviously has no ticket connected but this is the only place I kinda thought I may really need it. Any experience?
    Hopefully the following reply will further assist you and other guests at Stormalong Bay! :sunny::fish::sunny:

    Everyone, including little children, needs to have a magic band to gain entry into the Stormalong Bay pool complex. For the little ones you MUST present their bands for scanning EVERY time you enter the pool area. This would include moving from the kiddie area with the kiddie pool at the base of the GIANT slide steps back to the main pool again. Unfortunately the entry points to StormAlong Bay are not on this map but I think there are two on the Epcot walking path and two on the Resort building side.

    So the upshot is that the little ones don't have to wear their bands but you need to have them to present for scanning.

    I'd also like to point out that there are lockers at the pool if you need a place to stash your valuables. See page one for details on that.


    Also for those of you with children it's important for you to be come familiar with the pool complex so that you the PARENT can decide where you will be hanging out and where you will swim. There are children's life jackets available for free use at the pools. These are first come, first served so their availability is NOT guarenteed.

    Please refer to this map which is labeled with the different areas of the pool:


    Notice on the bottom half of this picture on the lower right corner there is a little kiddie pool with a kiddie slide.

    This is also located at the base of the steps to the LARGE slide (Flying Jib Slide start on the map) which exits into the slide exit area of the main pool next to the bubbling bay on the right side of the pool map.

    In this kiddie slide area there is a kiddie friendly pool, chairs and an exit to the beach area. There is a fence around this pool so you pretty much only have one area of entry or exit. There is also a foot shower located between the entrance to this kiddie pool and the beach. The stairs to the giant slide are completely separate from the kiddie pool area so you would have to leave the kiddie pool and walk around to get to the stairs entrance.

    Now we shall look over at the Left side of the pool map and see the Kiddie Pool area with the sandbar.

    IF you are leaving the KIDDIE SLIDE area to get to the SAND BAR area you will have to scan your magic bands to get back into the main pool complex that contains this sandbar area as well as the rest of the pool complex.

    This SAND BAR kiddie pool area is a separate pool. You can walk over to the LAZY RIVER without having to scan your magic band. You would have to walk across the cement path to get to the Lazy RIVER which is 6 foot PLUS deep in some areas. The good news is that there are rocks around the SAND BAR pool channeling people to exit the sand bar pool in controlled areas so that they can get over to the lazy river. This makes it easier for parents to prevent "Jail Breaks" from toddlers and Pre-schoolers that, much like Ninja Mom, are always looking for trouble.

    This SAND BAR area is shallow and sandy, much like a beach. If you bring sand toys you may find that your children will never ever want to leave this area.... and I mean NEVER. In fact Ninja Mom herself was dragged off by NateBenMa when it was time to leave this area. I still have tear stains on my old lady bathing suit from that sad, sad day.

    As far as pool toys are concerned you can bring Pool Noodles or possibly purchase them somewhere on property (I'm not sure where). There are a bunch of green buckets with little shovels hanging around unattended in this SAND BAR pool area but those are first come first served. Consider buying something like this and throwing it in your suitcase and all your pool entertainment troubles are over:

    Even if you just brought a some little boats or a dump truck you would win Mom/Dad of the year in your child's eyes.

    If we refer back to the map we will notice that there are 4 main pool areas.

    1) the tiny fenced in KIDDIE SLIDE area which is separated from the main pool complex. This is also where the stairs leading to the top of the giant pool slide are located. ~Remember that the Kiddie Slide area and the stairs to the Giant Slide ARE NOT CONNECTED.

    In the main pool complex, which is fenced in and you have to scan your magic band to gain entry, you have the:

    2) SAND BAR KIDDIE Pool area which is separated by a cement path from the:
    3) DEEP LAZY RIVER which is separated by a cement path from the:
    4) BIG LONG REST OF THE POOL AREA that has the Sinking Sands area and the hot tub area (and Bubbling ~Not so much anymore~ Bay, the whirling waters and the Giant Slide exit). The thing to note about this area is that bridge that separates the Hot tub area from the sinking sands area GOES OVER the WATER so those pools are barrier free when you are IN THE WATER and moving from one side of the bridge to the other.

    The Pool games led by the recreation staff also occur in the Sinking Sands area. There really isn't much sinking in this area so the name "Sinking" sands is a misnomer.

    Since this is the Dis Boards and someone HAS to COMPLAIN I shall note that one woman reported that her pedicure was COMPLETELY ruined by the sand at the bottom of the pool. Many other women have been in Stormalong Bay WITHOUT devastation to their pedicures so I can only imagine how long her toe talons must have been to wrought such physical destruction. In any case if your pedicure is your reason for living you might want to invest in a pair of pool shoes or perhaps 10 extra strong Bandaids to protect your pedicure with. If that is too much effort for you please consider walking on your hands the entire time you are in the pool, that way you will only ruin your hairdoo. ;)

    So that pretty much wraps up Ninja Mom's recap of the parent's guide to Stormalong Bay. It's important to remember that Stormalong Bay is not one of those Disney pools where parents can dump their kids and expect the lifeguards to do all the babysitting. Believe it or not there are some people on the Dis Boards who think it's wrong that they HAVE to supervise their own kids when they are at the pool.

    Ninja Mom is just providing a map so that you can see all the different areas of the pool complex and you can better understand how this pool is different from the typical Disney "Cement Pond" that you usually find at many other Disney resorts. By understanding where all the areas are and what they have to offer, You the PARENT can decide where you are going to swim with your children.

    If you have different ages of children with different interests then Ninja Mom simply recommends that the entire family ~Takes Turns~ at different areas of the pool, just like you would do in real life. If that doesn't work for you then I can't help you and maybe the Quiet Pool is the best choice for your family. However, Ninja Mom has every confidence that you ARE reasonable and YOU can find a way to best enjoy Stormalong Bay with your family!



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    Sounds wonderful. My future son-in-lawn is from Denmark so my daughter has been there a lot. She loves it. Sounds like a beautiful country and of course there's Legoland for those in need of a theme park fix :)
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    @TeenaS Great magic band tip!! Mickey's rules...love it! We will definitely follow that because my youngest, DS 10, often goes missing just exploring areas of the parks...I fully expect to get a phone call from guest services at least twice on our trip. Knowing that the CMs can get my cell off his magic band is very comforting!

    We will definitely give you a send off hug as you make your way to Europe! What an exciting adventure you have planned! Can't wait to hear all about it :)

    ooo...very cool, Sue. Will we be there at the same time (16th - 23rd for us)? Actually, our 40th happened last year, and by the time we go, it will be 41, but heck, people never thought we'd make it to 5! HA HA....and it's just easier to say 40th Anniversary!

    We thought of doing all sorts of things last year to celebrate this milestone...trip to Europe to see the castles, trip to Costa Rica so zip-line in the jungle, and in the end, put a patio in our backyard instead...then decided that we needed to celebrate some how, and thought the Food & Wine event would be great - so started saving again, and now it's really going to happen.

    This post makes me happy!!! My wife and I just celebrated #16...when we hit 25 I've been hinting at a trip to Europe...just the two of us! I hope you have a great time at Food & Wine as you celebrate!

    OK...quick question about SAB...we kind of want to enjoy the big slide and the lazy river while we are there. So I'm thinking just below the "sinking sands" in ninjamom's picture...what's the lounge chair situation over there? I guess we'll just have to explore the whole area and find what works best. Chair piggies beware, because I have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to saving chairs...I have zip problem whatsoever launching "piggie towels" in the towel bins!! LOL!


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    Locked thread- pages 332-334

    DH and I took a 5 day trip and stayed at YC earlier this month and had a fabulous vacation! However, our last family trip (the one we just took was just DH and myself, we left the kids at home), was a horribly awful experience that we never want to repeat. I won't go into specific details, although I have already to some extent in this thread, but we showed up at our resort and they did not have a reservation for us. Things went downhill from there, and nothing on our MagicBands worked for the first half of our trip. We had no tickets, no room access, no meal credits for our meal plan, no ADRs, and no FP+...all had been wiped out even though everything was meticulously planned in advance. To make matters worse, no one could fix it, and every time we tried to enter our room/get into a park/use a meal/anything else at all on property, it would not work and we would have to go to guest services. We spent over 30 hours in lines at guest services, missed the first 3 days of our trip, and were not reimbursed for it, but eventually (after canceling and rebooking our whole reservation...twice!), they were able to make things work and the second half of our trip went well. A lot of things were replaced (most of our FP+) but other things (all of our ADRs) couldn't be recovered and we had to book new ones. It was much worse than that, but that's the Cliff's notes version, and we agreed never to take another family trip to WDW. Oh, and by the way, we had DRIVEN there from Minnesota (30 hour drive) with our kids who were 7, 4, 2, and 4 months at the time. Try keeping 4 little kids busy while spending 30 hours in line at guest services...now try it with no hotel room, no food, no parks, no rides, no pool, and NO DIAPERS!

    Okay, so DH and I decided to "take the plunge" and go again this year because it was just the 2 of us, it couldn't be that bad again, and if things went wrong, it was just us and we could deal with that. Nothing went wrong and we had a great time! So, my cocky self decided that maybe we could book another family trip and take the kids again.

    *snip*... Booking error...

    I didn't get a chance to comment on the old thread before it was shut down, and I'm glad you got some supportive advice from friends on our board. I agree with them- try to escalate your issue to someone at Disney and give them one more chance to try to find a way to do something to help you and hopefully make it right, to make up for the prior situation your family endured.

    Please let us know what happens.


    I need some advice about BC and hope someone can help. We will be having our first visit to BC in November for the end of Food and Wine. There are 3 adults (2 sisters and their father) & 2 use ECV's. I know we want a ground floor so we don't have to deal with elevators. But are the "hidden entrances" wheelchair accessible or will we need to ask for a room closer to the lobby? I appreciate your help beforehand. I'm trying to read the whole thread, but there are a LOT of pages and I don't read as fast as I used to. There is so much good info that I am taking my time. Thanks again! Sarah

    :welcome: to this thread!

    I'll add you to the Be Our Guest list we keep on Page 1.

    Excellent question. I have used the secret entrance/exit many times, but I don't recall if it is handicap-accessible. I suspect yes, but wouldn't want you to count on that without additional confirmation.

    Maybe someone who is at the resort soon can check it out... Is there a button to open the door from the inside and/or outside? Is there a step or is the threshold between the inside hallway and outside path a level surface?

    Also a great suggestion to post on the DISabilities forum

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    :thumbsup2page 5-7

    Thank you!!!! Our dates are July 12-16. We had to make a decision this year... 6 nights at a mod or 4 nights at a deluxe

    A couple more questions I have that I haven't been able to clearly figure out answers to (although there is a lot of info out there and I haven't read it ALL.) It's possible no one really knows a definitive answer for these.

    1. Which floors are applicable for a "higher floor" request? Anything above first?
    2. Which floors are applicable for a "full balcony" request? Second and fourth? Would the ground floor patio be considered? Does this request just basically eliminate the third floor?
    Great! I'll update the Be Our Guest list.

    1. Excellent question! I don't know what the room assigners consider a "higher floor"
    2. I believe all floors (except ground floor) are applicable for a full balcony request, although I think that some of the floors have very few full balconies (is it the 3rd floor? not sure)

    One could request "Full balcony or patio" if the floor doesn't matter.


    62 more days until our vacation. Can't wait to try BC the second part of our trip. We typically swim with our children just because we all enjoy the water, but is it really as hard as everyone says to keep an eye on kids in the water at SAB? Any tips?
    My reply pales in comparison to the very helpful advice from Wood Nymph and the guide ~NM posted below!

    I think one of the main issues is if you have more than 1 child, with different swimming interests and abilities- if they want to be in different sections of the pool, it would be tough to keep track of them. It is also difficult to monitor anyone in the lazy river if you are staying in one spot on land.


    There are two main areas to sit so that you would be located close to the areas that your kids most likely will want to spend the most time in, near the exit to the pirate slide or near the lazy river, kids area. If you think your kids are going to spend all day going down the slide, then you would want to sit over there. If you want to be close to Hurricane Hannah's, the lazy river and the kiddie area, then you would sit over there. A third area would be a central location which would be close to the larger swimming areas and the lazy river area. I guess it all depends on where your kids want to swim. My kids were old enough that they could swim on their own the first time we stayed at the BC, so I never had to worry about it. :)

    YC CL November 4-9 for my 60th birthday. My Db and SIL and their DD, SIL with their 2 adorable little princess daughters will help me celebrate. First visit for Db and for the baby.

    I'll add you to the Be Our Guest list we keep on Page 1.


    Hopefully the following reply will further assist you and other guests at Stormalong Bay! :sunny::fish::sunny:


    Not reposting this whole thing here, but I will add a link to the SAB section on Page 1. Thank you!!!


    What category of room is the gazebo view?
    Garden view. There are samples of Garden View rooms in the "BC Room Views" and "YC Room Views" threads on the Resort Photo Subforum.



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    :thumbsup2page 5-7

    Garden view. There are samples of Garden View rooms in the "BC Room Views" and "YC Room Views" threads on the Resort Photo Subforum.


    Thank you! We are staying Garden View and this view is amazing. I think I am going to request Gazebo view for our room. I love it! I had looked at the room view examples, but must have missed this option somehow.


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    OK, I think I am all caught up on the old thread and new one. I have updated the Be Our Guest list, but if I have missed you somehow or if you still have an outstanding question, please post.


    Be Our Guest List


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    We stayed at the Yacht Club last November. Absolutely loved it! We had booked a Garden view room but were upgraded to a lagoon view room which we loved. We are planning on going back next year and want to book the lagoon view this time.

    I noticed when I was looking online that the quiet pool is considered part of the lagoon view category. Is that right? My only request when we booked last time was that we be close to the lobby. That would be our same request next year as well but I'm thinking if there's a chance we might end up by the quiet pool maybe I shouldn't pay the extra for the lagoon view?

    Any thoughts?


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    Can you see the fireworks from SAB?

    We recently told the kids about the trip and I showed Dd this thread. She saw the picture of the fireworks from the pool area and one of her requests is to have late pool time to watch the fireworks.


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    62 more days until our vacation. Can't wait to try BC the second part of our trip. We typically swim with our children just because we all enjoy the water, but is it really as hard as everyone says to keep an eye on kids in the water at SAB? Any tips?
    I'm the same way. I want to have eyes on my kids. Remember, the lifeguards at BC are great! I'd give the kids parameters of where they can go, like how far afield. You can move along during their swim time to check each area out. Mine were 10 and 12 last time and they just sent wherever. We start at the slide area and then move to the lazy river and the other areas. Have fun!

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    Dee, thank you for all your hard work setting up this new home.:thanks:

    Our dates have shifted a little bit due to my daughter transferring colleges. Would you please change our dates to 8/2/15 - 8/13/15 on the Be Our Guest list? We will still be at BC. Now I need to finish figuring out our FP+ selections since I have to make them early next week. :eek:


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    Can you see the fireworks from SAB?

    We recently told the kids about the trip and I showed Dd this thread. She saw the picture of the fireworks from the pool area and one of her requests is to have late pool time to watch the fireworks.
    Yes, you can just see the higher fireworks of Illuminatiins from SAB.


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