Disney's Fifth Theme Park?

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    Dear Disney Imagineers,
    OK so here's are my 2 ideas of what your fifth theme park should be, suggesting that I don't really favor the whole Disney Night Kingdom idea. First of all, I really like Discovery Cove but, I haven't gone once in 2003 and that was enough for me, I didn't need to go again. It was fun, but it wasn't really worth all that money (it was my husband and my granddaughter with me). And DNK really sounds too much like Discovery Cove.

    Well first of all, it sucks that Disney didn't partner up with the creators of Harry Potter first because that was/is/and will continue to be a money maker. But with that said, Disney hasn't and that's OK.

    IDEA #1 As for the fifth park, I say don't do it! I feel like the former MGM-Studios and now Disney Hollywood Studios, really needs to be revamped. I realize that as I write this, DHS has limited space- it's unfortunately in a spot that seems like hasn't much room to expand... maybe I'm wrong. To me, there are three must do things everytime I go and that's Hollywood Tower of Terror, Rock N' Roller Coaster, and Lights, Motors, Action! Everything else to me is something I can skip every few trips... PLUS, I have never and I mean NEVER spent an entire day there.
    One thing that really needs improvement in my mind is the backlot tour. I've been to Disneyland and Universal Studios in both Hollywood and Orlando, out of all these parks, one of my absolute favorite rides is the backlot tour at Universal Studios Hollywood. And I know that it being in Hollywood will already make it tons better but the one at Disney lacks the actual backlot feeling. It needs to be longer and have more of a Hollywood feeling. The coming Toy Story ride is definitely promising. It rivals the Spiderman ride at IOA which is a very cool ride so good move on that!
    Here's what I think would be kind of cool, being that it is a "Studio" themed park... you know how at EPCOT, you can make and send home to your e-mail, pictures that are personally edited after that Figment ride, aka ImageWorks? Well, I think it would be fun to be able to make your own 30-90 second productions, be able to send them home, make them into a DVD, or even have them being shown on a big screen somewhere else in the park, showing everyone's little movies continuously.
    What if there was a place to have nighttime showings of Disney movies on a Drive-In like setting. Or like in I think it's San Francisco where they have movies projected on screens in a park... they could creat a park like setting and project movies on a screen. There could be free popcorn (I know crazy right) or even you could pay for it, whatever... Or ever it could be under a dome like thing because we all know Florida weather sucks, but out of all the things they offer at Disney, I find it a little weird that they have no where to view any Disney movies, the things they've made some serious bank on.
    Other than that, I'm out of ideas for adding to the DHS other than maybe add a new thrill ride but even so, there are already quite a few.

    OK, so what is there actually was a fifth park and I was able to be apart of creating it, or was designing forewoman... I would make a NYC/IOA/Villians theme park creation. Reasons why it could be an 1/3 NYC theme: Anyone who has been to NYC as a resident or long time visitor had undoubtily been on the subway know how useful it can really be and so imagine that a Subway like system being a some form of way to get around in this park, maybe it could be a ride, or maybe it could just be some other form of transportation just like the Friendship boats in the WS. I understand the complexity of this, I mean come on, it's a swap we're talking about building in. It's just an idea though.
    It could also have more of a night life. And now you and I are both thinking DTD, but I'm just thinking more of a nightlife. With an IOA theme, it's definitely going to be more geared toward an older pre-teen and older crowd which would be a good thing, it would give parents with kids 12-18 more of a reason to go to WDW, which has a 12 and under ambiance to some... with that, there could be sports bar & restaurant on site, which is what my DH and I have always craved. A restaurant that has tons of games on TV, and for those who are too young to be drinking the happy juice, tons of video games, like a Dave & Buster kind of restaurant... it could be HUGE! Just like NYC also, you can actually stay where all the action is, in Manhattan itself, well... what if there was a luxury hotel built IN THE PARK!!! Transplant the W Hotel into the park, make it a Disney version and place it above whatever Main Street-eske street they have. Have you ever been to Disneyland where there are rooms as the second story of DTD there, it would be a lot like that only more than one story.
    Just like at IOA, there would be tons of THRILL RIDES!!! A big reason why MK isn't my favorite is because there aren't any thrill rides. There are rides, and they are thrilling but in terms of scariness, excitement or more older people themed, it's lacking. In doing so there is MK that is more younger targeted and the new fifth park that would be more older (12+) targeted. Give me some Dueling Dragons (IOA) and Millenium Force (Cedar Point), big huge roller coasters! And of course add in a water ride, just like there are Earthquake like rides at other parks, imagine a hurricane simulator for a water ride, the city could flood, there could be rain, there could be not so strong wind.
    Add in a motor vehicle like ride... here's my idea on that one: Set the scene like everyone who goes on the ride is a firefighter for a moment, they need to join a driver to get to a rescue sight so they need to get in the vehicle and race through the city to help people out! Have the vehicle almost hit things, go down hills, make sharp turns, get rained on, avoid safe but spectacular pyrotechnics, drive REALLY fast... whatever. And maybe when the ride is over there could be a real fire truck for people to check out, fire safety suggestions and firefighting gear to play with (axe not included). There could be a video store (for Disney to promote their movies of course), shopping like at DTD at DL, where there is also more than just Disney stores...
    The villians part comes in because a lot of this could the villian themed. One thing I have noticed is that even though there has been many new Disney movie themes with many of the new rides, there isn't an Incredibles one. Like creating robots at Innoventions at EPCOT, you can computerize create a robot to defend itself against the villian on the Incredibles' robot. With different difficulty levels of course.

    Anyway those were my ideas, hate them or love them it's all good but let me know, what you think, anyone else have ideas?
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    IheartNY, I like your ideas, and I agree that the Studios park needs some improvements and additions.

    Something I've always thought they needed was an American/Patriotic themed park. So many people from around the world come to Disney, that I think a park with different areas based on the natural surroundings, and beautiful cities, and states we have here in this country would be fun to create, and see.
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    I've moved this thread over to the Themeparks Community Board as it is a better fit here.


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    That is one hell of a park. I do agree that DW needs thrill rides. Myabe Melinium Force is a bit extreme for Disney, but I can get all of the Cedar Point thrills just up the road. I really think that before they do anything MGM (yes I am still calling ti MGM) needs a massive overhaul. I commend Disney for their addditions over the last few years (TOT, RnR, Lights Motor Action, etc) but more needs to be done. StarTours is extremely dated. They need to do something much more immaginitive with that Star Wars licence. (You hear that Immagineers?) That park has so much potential but as the problem with anything that relies on Pop culture it will become dated. American Idol may not even be on TV anymore by the time the attraction is up. It is a slippery slope but Disney needs to step their game up at MGM. But I sitll enjoy many of the attractions, however I just feel they are capible of more.
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    with the addition of marvel characters they could consider using them and look at acquiring universal studios.

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