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    Welcome to The Disney’s Coronado Springs FAQ Thread



    In February 2017 exciting new changes to Disney's Coronado Springs Resort were announced. A full renovation of the resort began in early 2017. Rooms in each building will be stripped of all current furnishings and finishes. Features of the new rooms include hardwood-look laminate flooring, new beds (2 Queens or 1 King) with raised frames allowing for luggage storage under the beds. Large LED TVs and granite topped desks with clothing storage. A full sized electronic safe that can store most laptops. A completely renovated bathroom with double sinks and glass doored rain showers.

    As of August 2017, Ranchos 7A (opened in April 2017) and Cabanas 8A (opened in June 2018) have been fully renovated. Casitas 1 and 3 are currently under renovation (They closed in late June).

    To make way for a new 15-storey, 500 room tower, Cabanas 9B has been demolished. Work has begun on the tower, with the foundation being laid this summer. The tower will connect to the El Centro complex and the Convention Center. Additional resort enhancements include a restaurant atop the new tower which will offer fireworks viewing, an over-water restaurant in the middle of Lago Dorado, and various new bridges and floating gardens. The resort re-imagining is currently estimated to be complete by Summer 2019.


    Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is a moderate resort located in the Animal Kingdom Resort Area of the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista Florida. The resort was inspired. The resort draws inspiration from 16th century explorers like Francisco Vázquez de Coronado and the quest for the Seven Cities of Gold. It celebrates the culture and architecture of Mexico and the American Southwest.


    The resort opened on August 1, 1997 and features 1921 rooms spanning 125 gloriously landscaped acres. In the centre of the resort is Lago Dorado, a man-made lake around which the resorts three sections are situated. These sections are known Casitas, Cabanas and Ranchos. It also features a main building known as El Centro that houses registration, concierge, bell services, shops and restaurants. Coronado Springs is the only moderate convention resort and boasts an expansive convention centre. Tucked into lush tropical foliage you will also find a Mayan pyramid with waterfall cascading into a crystal clear pool.





    As you pull into Coronado Springs you will be greeted at the security booth and directed to self-park (if you have your own vehicle) or you will be dropped off at the portico and told to proceed to registration. The first building you enter is El Centro. You will be greeted by a lovely fountain under a domed roof with an intricate mural. To your right is Bell Services, Registration and Lobby Concierge. To your left is Panchitos (the resort shop) and the El Centro restaurants (Café Rix, Rix Lounge, Pepper Market, Maya Grill and Las Ventanas). Straight ahead there are doors that lead you out to the Lago Dorado Promenade and Laguna Bar.



    On arrival you will want to head to your right and Registration. As with all other Walt Disney World Resorts there are two queues: one for those guests that have checked in online and one for those guests that have not. You will be given a resort map and your room will be located in one of three sections (which I will go into more detail about in a later post). If your room is not ready, the CM at the desk will ask for a cell phone number so that you can be notified by text message. If you have the My Disney Experience App installed on your smartphone, your room assignment will be visible on the app once your room is ready. Alternatively, the Cast Members will provide you with a number to call to check on your room status if you don’t have the app or do not wish to receive the text message notification.


    You will also be given the opportunity to store your baggage with Bell Services. Once your room is ready, they will bring your bags to your room. If your room is ready on arrival, Bell Services will also offer to drive you to your room in a golf cart and assist you with bringing your luggage to the room. You are welcome to refuse these services, but if you do you will have to either walk, or drive your own vehicle to your room location.

    With the full launch of MyMagic+ you will also receive your MagicBands. These RFID enabled wrist bands allow you to open yours resort room door, charge items to your resort room account, enter the theme parks, access your FastPass+ reservations and debit your Dining Plan credits (if applicable). If you have a package with theme park tickets, your passes should be synced to your MagicBands. If you don’t have tickets yet, Lobby Concierge can assist you and walk you through the process of linking the tickets to your MagicBand.

    If you have your own vehicle you will be provided with a parking pass for the length of your stay. Simply display it on your dashboard. This pass also allows you to park for free at any of the theme parks.

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    The Villages of Coronado Springs



    I’ve included a resort map for your reference. As you exit the back of El Centro and head to the Lago Dorado Promanade, the Casitas are to your left, the Cabanas to your right and the Ranchos are directly across Lago Dorado, directly behind the Dig Site Pool area. You will notice that the buildings are numbered. Proceeding clockwise around the lake you will see Casitas 1, 2, 3 (preferred location buildings), 4 and 5. Then you will see Ranchos 6A, 6B, 7A & 7B. Lastly, the Cabanas 8A, 8B, & 9A. While Cabanas 9B is still visible on this map, the building itself has been demolished to make way for the 15-storey 500 room tower set to open in Summer 2019.


    Coronado Springs Resort is divided into three sections, or villages. As you proceed clockwise from El Centro the first village you encounter is the Casitas. These “little houses” are the tallest of the buildings at Coronado Springs. They range from 4 to 5 stories in height and feature beautiful landscaped courtyards with fountains. The Casitas are the furthest from the Dig Site pool area, but closest to El Centro.

    Casitas 1, 2 & 3 are considered "Preferred Rooms" due to their proximity to El Centro.

    Casitas 1 is connected directly to the Convention Center. It also houses the most suites in the resort, with 5 presidential suites and several one bedroom and the majority of the junior suites. This area is most popular with conventioneers. You will likely see people in suits or in corporate branded clothing if you stay in this building. The Casitas 1 courtyard consists of a large patio and a fountain with terra cotta pots. It is sometimes used for Convention events and can get a bit noisy in the late evening.

    Casitas 2 and 3 run parallel to each other. Casitas 2 runs along the parking lot and Casitas 3 runs along the shoreline of the lake. Both look onto two courtyards. The first is a very large rectangle with large trees and lush tropical plants. The second is a very narrow rectangle that leads towards Casitas 4 and the Casitas quiet pool. It also features the “Lion Fountain” that is probably the most well-known fountain at Coronado Springs.

    Casitas 4 looks out on the Casitas quiet pool, the lake and the parking lot. The health club, salon and laundry are also located here. Casitas 5 is the furthest Casita from El Centro but some consider it to be one of the most private and secluded locations at the resort. There are five palm trees that mark this building. There are also hammocks by the water at this location.


    Continuing around the Lago Dorado Promenade you encounter the Ranchos. This section is inspired by the American Southwest and the 2 and 3 storey buildings reflect puebla-style housing. The landscaping is more rustic with dessert scapes, rock gardens and cactus in abundance. The Rancho section is the furthest from El Centro, but closest to the Dig Site pool area.

    Ranchos 6A is the first building you will encounter, on your left, with Ranchos 6B on your right. 6A is pushed back from the lake and looks over a smaller secondary pond as well as the parking lot. 6B is closer to the lake, but the majority of the views will be of a landscaped section that separates the Rachos village from the Dig Site pool area. Ranchos 7A is the location of the Ranchos quiet pool and laundry facility. 7B is the closest building to the Dig Site pool area.


    The last section you encounter is the Cabanas, these 2 storey beach houses are inspired by Mexico’s coastal regions. The buildings are located around a smaller section of Lago Dorado and there are beaches with palm trees and hammocks along the shore. This section offers the “best of both worlds” by being in close proximity to both the Dig Site pool area and El Centro.

    Cabanas 8A is located immediately beside the Dig Site pool with some views looking back towards the Ranchos and others towards the lake. Cabanas 8B is the next along the shore and is located directly between the Dig Site pool area and the neighbouring Casitas quiet pool at Cabanas 9A. Cabanas 8B features the only junior suite located outside the Casitas. Cabanas 9A features the Casitas quiet pool and laundry facility.
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    Guest Rooms & Suites

    There are technically 7 categories of rooms at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. However, there are only four levels that are commonly booked. The remaining three levels are suites.

    The majority of rooms at Coronado Springs are 314 square feet and feature:

    • 2 queen beds or 1 king bed
    • a night stand
    • a dresser
    • an LCD TV
    • a desk with chair
    • two ottomans or one arm chair
    • a mini fridge
    • large counter with single sink
    • divider doors in the bathroom area
    • an open closet
    • a safe
    • a bath separate from the sinks with a toilet and tub/shower combo
    • WiFi access
    • an iHome alarm clock
    • a coffee maker


    The most common room type at the resort with views of parking lots or landscaping. The occupancy of these rooms in 4 adults.


    These rooms offer views of pools, ponds or Lago Dorado. The occupancy of these rooms in 4 adults.


    These rooms offer a variety of views and have a king bed rather than 2 queens. The occupancy of these rooms in 2 adults.


    These rooms are located in Casitas 1, 2 or 3. They offer a variety of views and bedding options.

    There are three suite categories at Coronado Springs: Junior suites, One bedroom or VIP suites and Executive or Presidential suites. The variations on these categories are listed below. I have photos of all three categories as I have had the privilege of staying in each.


    There are approximately 30 of these suites located throughout the resort. The majority are located in the Casitas, with 1 located in Cabanas 9B (a 2 queen version). They are the size of 2 standard rooms, making them 628 square feet. The bedroom portion is identical to a standard room. On occasion the colour of the bedding is different (golden yellow as opposed to teal). The sitting room features a queen sized pull out couch, a coffee table, two plush arm chairs, one ottoman, two end tables, a dresser with a TV, a mini fridge and a table with 2 chairs.


    There are approximately 10 of these suites located exclusively in the Casitas section of the resort. They are the size of three standard rooms, making them 942 square feet. The bedroom, like the Junior Suite, is identical to a standard room, apart from the colour difference. The sitting room is very similar to the Junior Suite, with a queen sized pull out couch, two plush arm chairs with ottomans, an end table, a coffee table, a dresser and TV (no mini fridge here). There is a larger bathroom where the sinks and open closet are contained in a room with a door, and then a separate toilet and tub room. The third room is the entry/dining room with a table, 4 chairs, a wet bar with mini fridge, foyer table and a desk with chair.


    There are 6 of these suites in the resort, 5 of which are in Casitas 1 and 1 in Cabanas 9B. They are the size of five standard rooms, making them 1570 square feet. One bedroom is a standard room, there are two sitting rooms, each with a large TV, dresser, couch, coffee table, end tables, arm chairs etc. There is a desk and chair in the second sitting area. A total of three bathrooms (one powder room in the sitting room/dining room section), one standard bath in the standard room, and a large bath with jacuzzi soaker tub in the Master bedroom. The Master also features a King bed.
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    Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is categorized as a moderate resort, but you will find many amenities offered are more in keeping with a deluxe resort. For instance, Coronado Springs is the only moderate with a Spa, Health Club and Salon.

    Panchitos Gifts and Sundries

    The majority of the amenities at Coronado Springs are housed in El Centro. As you enter from the portico and turn left you will see Panchitos Gifts and Sundries. The shop is named after Panchito, the Mexican parrot in Three Caballeros. Here you will find items inspired by Mexico and the American Southwest as well as items from across WDW including jewelry, clothing, toys, pins and other souvenirs. There is also a small grab-and-go section with basic grocery items and both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Panchitos also serves as the location to pick up any packages you’ve had shipped back to the resort while shopping in the parks. This service is complimentary, however you need to allow at least 24 hours from the time you purchase in the park to the time you pick up at Panchitos.

    Lobby Concierge

    In the main lobby, across from Registration you will find Lobby Concierge. The Cast Members at this location can help you buy Magic Your Way passes, book dining reservations and tours, provide park maps and times guides as well as guidance on WDW Transportation.

    Bell Services

    Located immediately to the right of the main doors to El Centro is Bell Services. They will store your luggage if your room is not ready or assist you in transporting your luggage to your room. There are also Bell Services staff stationed at the portico that can assist you in calling a Taxi if needed.

    Convention Center

    The Coronado Springs Convention Center is attached to El Centro and features 220,000 feet of meeting space. This includes the 60,000+ square foot Coronado Ballroom – one of the largest ballrooms in the southeastern United States it can accommodate up to 6000 people. I’ve included a map of the convention center below to show the sheer scale. It is very large and conventioneers at the resort spend the majority of their time in this space.

    Business Center

    The Convention Center also features a Business Center. If you want to ship anything to the resort in advance you will be directed to ship it here. Other services include faxing, printing ($1 per page), brief computer access (first 4 minutes free). Below is a full price list for the various services:

    Guest Parcel Services (Parcel Handling Fees)

    Envelope $3.00
    Small Box $3.00 (up to 4 lbs)
    Medium Box $5.00 (5-20 lbs)
    Large Box $10.00 (21-70 lbs)
    Golf Club $10.00
    Display Cases $15.00
    Pallets $70.00 (per 100 lbs)

    Computer Use

    10 minutes $6.00
    15 minutes $9.00
    20 minutes $12.00
    1 hour $20.00

    Wireless Internet Access

    (Valid only for access within the business center)
    4 hours $3.95
    8 hours $6.95

    Notary Public

    Notarize your official documents for $10 per seal.

    Outgoing Faxes

    Domestic, 1st page $5.00
    Additional pages $3.00
    International, 1st page $8.00
    Additional pages $4.00

    While the Business Center offers paid Wi-Fi access that is no longer necessary as the entire resort offers Wi-Fi. There are two Wi-Fi systems, one in room and one for common spaces. Both are complimentary. There is also wired HSIA available in room.

    WDW Transportation

    Like all properties within the Walt Disney World Resort, Coronado Springs is serviced by WDW Transportation. The only transportation option available at this location is the bus. However, Coronado is one of the few resorts on property that does not share buses with any other resort. There are 4 stops around the resort:
    Bus stop 1: El Centro
    Bus stop 2: Casitas
    Bus stop 3: Ranchos
    Bus stop 4: Cabanas

    However, the buses DO NOT visit the stops in that order. When the THEME PARK (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom) buses enter the resort they proceed to Bus stop 2, then 3, then 4, and lastly 1. When the DISNEY SPRINGS buses enter the resort they proceed to Bus stop 1, then 2, then 3, then 4. The thought process behind this transportation strategy is that you can hop on a THEME park bus to go to El Centro and then hop on a DISNEY SPRINGS bus and return to your room.
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    The Dig Site Pool Area

    The main pool area at Coronado Springs is known as The Dig Site. This secluded complex, located between the Cabanas and Ranchos, is surrounded by lush tropical foliage and you cannot see any other section of the resort from inside the pool area. It is literally like a small oasis. The centerpiece of the Dig Site is the Lost City of Cibola pool. This pool is among the largest of WDW property (only smaller than Stormalong Bay at the Yacht & Beach Club and The Big Blue Pool at Art of Animation). A 50-foot Mayan pyramid complete with waterfall anchors the pool, with a Mayan totem playfully spraying water at one side and a 123-foot slide with spitting Jaguar at the other. There are two descending stepped entries and 2 or 3 ladder entries, as well as a transfer chair for guests in wheelchairs.

    Lifeguards are on duty throughout the day and there are posted lifeguard hours as you enter the Dig Site. There is also a fun opening ceremony each morning where lifeguards requests assistance from the younger guests in summoning the waterfall at the Mayan pyramid.

    The Dig Site also features the largest hot tub on WDW property (capacity of 22 guests), a beach volleyball court, a playground, a children’s wading pool and the Iguana Arcade.

    Siesta’s Pool Bar offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, light fare and a refillable mug station (you cannot fill the mugs yourself, you must hand them to a Cast Member to fill).

    Daily poolside activities include dance parties, hula hoop contests, trivia challenges, name that song, swimming races and more.

    Quiet Pools

    There are also three leisure or “quiet” pools at Coronado Springs, one in each of the sections (Cabanas, Ranchos and Casitas) each also houses a pay-per-use laundry facility. The Cabanas pool is located by Cabana 9A, the Ranchos pool is located by Ranchos 7B and the Casitas quiet pool is located at Casitas 4.


    For those that like to work out on vacation, Coronado Springs offers a 0.9 mile jogging path around Lago Dorado and more traditional exercise equipment at the La Vida Health Club located in Casitas 4.

    Campfires & Movies on the Beach

    In addition, evenings bring campfires and movies on the Beach! The campfire pit is located inside The Dig Site and the beach movie location is along the shore of Lago Dorado just after you cross the bridge coming from Cabanas 9B. The schedule of movies changes monthly, but you’ll always find family-friendly Disney and Pixar classics playing.
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    Restaurants (to be updated soon)
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    Thanks for making the new thread! Just posting to subscribe :) Our trip is now seven months away!
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    Hi :wave2:

    There are multiple types of rooms at Coronado Springs:
    Standard = 2 queens with a view of parking lot or landscaping
    Water = 2 queens with a view of pools, lakes or ponds
    King = 1 king bed with varied view
    Preferred = bedding and view varies, guaranteed location in Casitas 1, 2 or 3
    Business Club Level = bedding and view varies, guaranteed location in Cabanas 9B

    There are 4 bus stops at Coronado Springs. One in the Cabanas (near Cabanas 8B), one in the Ranchos (between 6A and 7B), one in the Casitas (near Casitas 4) and one at El Centro (quite close to Cabanas 9B).

    The longest walk to El Centro is from the Ranchos and I estimate is at 7 minutes.

    To be closest to El Centro I would book Preferred (Casitas 1, 2, 3)
    To be close to El Centro AND the Dig Site I would book Business Club Level (Cabanas 9B)
    To be close to El Centro AND the Dig Site with a Standard Room I would request Cabanas 8B or 9A.
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    Hi! I have our next vacation booked at POFQ, September 6-12. Since both POFQ and POR will more than likely be excluded from the FD offer reportedly being released to Disney Visa holders tomorrow, I've got CSR as my next choice. I've wanted to stay here for ages but have always been voted down by the rest of the family. Can you tell me about the rooms in business class, Cabanas 9b? How are the buses, do they run on a good schedule and are they super crowded? I am totally clueless about CSR but I'm looking forward to staying there in September even though I'm a bit anxious since I know nothing at all about the resort other than the fact that it looks really beautiful. We like to go to DTD a couple of times and are used to being able to hop on the boat from the Port Orleans resorts, is the bus from CSR convenient to DTD, how long does it take, approximately? Is it worth paying for business class and how are the food and drink offerings?

    Sorry for all the questions! I would love to cut down my anxiety level and be able to get excited about staying someplace new to us. TIA.
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    I've stayed BC 2 times. I feel the upgrade is totally worth it for us. The breakfast is adequate to start the day. Bagels/fruit/yogurt/cereal. danish/muffins rotate daily. milks/juice/coffee/tea/water.

    In the evening they have budlight/yingling/coronas/wines/sangria/sodas. Snacks include veggies/cheeses/dips/chips/crackers/pretzels/nuts. You can get beverages to go too.

    9b is the best location. Close to dig site/ cabanas quite pool/laundry/elcento within a couple minutes.

    The buses run frequently. Rumors are CSR had the best bus service. They do not share with another resort.
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    Could you add some information about accessible/handicapped rooms?

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    Post #3 states there are double sinks at CSR. The pictures look like only a single sink. I'm hoping it has been updated to double sinks since that makes things much easier in the mornings! Would someone please verify for me?

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