Disney's Christmas themed video games


Crazy For The Mandalorian
Dec 18, 2020
Every December I play the Nintendo DS video game of Disney's A Christmas Carol and I would like to know if you have played it before? The game is really cool and even features a real advent calendar where every day during December a picture is opened that you have to find the things that match and is really neat. The other game that's Christmas themed that I have is The Santa Clause 3 on my Gameboy Advance and you play Santa Claus on a holiday adventure. It's really a shock that you don't see Christmas themed Disney video games and it would be a wonderful joy to play them every December


DIS Veteran
Nov 4, 2011
I'm a huge fan of all-things-Christmas and somehow I've never head of this game! I'll have to check YouTube and see if there are any clips or walk-throughs available. Thanks for letting us know!


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