Disneyland Trip with Granddaughter Report

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    Well, we are back from our two day DL and DCA trip. It was so much fun! Just Dgd 4 1/2 and I went--it was a special trip for her.

    My dd dropped us off at our hotel and we left our bag. We stayed at Comfort Inn Maingate. We got a shuttle ticket--$3 for the whole day and off we went! I got a stroller - (free with Disney visa)--and it was the best thing I did. A place to store our stuff and she did not get nearly as tired.

    When we first got to DL there were several characters on Main Street. She took her picture with Cruella. Then we had to go to the castle and walk through it. We spent the whole day in Fantasyland! We went on the rides she wanted to go on, some two times. We looked in shops, we ate when she was hungry. We saw the parade twice. The first time she took about a 45 minute nap while we were waiting. The second time we were having supper at the Carnation Cafe on main street and she heard them talking about it, so we watched again. Great seats both times. The second time, Ariel looked right at her and blew her a kiss and she was in 7th heaven! The group of teens in front of us thought that was the neatest thing to happen--they were smiling at her and even commented to her about it!

    The Carnation Cafe was very good. We got to watch people on Main street and they had a paint your own peanut butter and jelly sandwich that she liked and had fun doing. We also saw the new Ratouille (sp?) characters in the "preparade t 6:30 p.m."

    We took the shuttle back to our hotel about 7 p.m. and checked in, then went swimming for an hour. Then took showers and rode the shuttle back to DL. We got there in time for the fireworks and to watch Fantasmic. We then went on Pirates before heading back to the hotel. She also thought it was cool to go back out to the park when she should be asleep! She told me we were going to stay up all night, then was asleep about 2 minutes after she got into the bed.

    After breakfast at the hotel the next morning we headed to DCA. Since I have a Disney visa we got a free 5 x 7 picture with Chip and Dale. Then we spent a lot of time in paradise pier area--rode lots of rides and went on the smaller roller coaster twice and also the ferris wheel twice (we didn't have to get off, so she thought that was neat but then didn't understand why we couldn't do that on other rides!)

    We went to the Redrock Creek Challenge Trail and she got to do a rubber ducky race. Then we headed for Soarin' where we used our fast passes. That is a fantastic attraction. It actually feels like you are flying right over the CA countryside. Avery sat so still and paid such good attention. I thought it might scare her a little when they zoomed us up in the air, but she just giggled. We also had our picture taken with Lightening McQueen and Mater so she could give that to dgf (my husband).

    Then, the best part--we got to have lunch with the princesses at Ariel's Grotto! When we went in she had a picture and time to talk with Ariel--no pressure to hurry and be gone. She got a crown, crayons, and stickers. Then while we ate Mulan, Snow White, Jasmine and Cinderella came around to the table and talked to the kids and gave you plenty of time to take pictures. They personalized what they said to each child, too, not a canned spiel. Cinderella commented on the fact that dgd and I were both wearing orange tops and how nice we looked. Dgd had to put on her crown when Cinderella came out. She was on cloud nine! (Side note: I had a salmon blt that was so good! I am going to make this at home from now on.)

    After that we went to a bug's land to play in wet areas and do the rides before heading off to the Aladdin show. We went to Turtle Talk with Crush before going to get our picture and a place for the parade. A nice young couple watched our stroller while we got our supper and even saved a place for me to sit.

    We also got to see Minnie on the way to Aladdin and dgd took her picture with her--which is good, as she really doesn't like the characters that don't have human faces! Actually, she likes them and gets excited when she sees them, she just doesn't want her picture with them, so it was a big deal that she let me hold her for our picture with Chip and Dale.

    When we went to the Hollywood Pictures Backlot, dgd kept saying that we were walking in a picture! We also got to see the High School Musical Pep Rally. Also, in Aladdin, the genie made references to several of the new disney shows--like "I need to get my head in the game".

    After the electric parade at DCA we headed over for the fireworks at DL once again. Then, it was time to go back to the hotel on the shuttle where my dd came and picked us up.

    It was a fun two days and dgd had a great time as it was her trip so we did the things she wanted to do. We tried not to eat too much junk food, but who can resist mickey bars and churros? It was very leisurely as we weren't in a rush to get everything done and meet a schedule for rides/shows/etc. No meltdowns at all!

    I am going to make her a storybook about our trip when I get back home.

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    It sounds like you had a lovely time. I hope to get to Disneyland someday, thank you for the lovely trip report.

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    wow that sounds like you had a great time. it will be a special memory that she will have forever. how very nice for the two of you.
    thanks for the trip report. i enjoyed it very much.
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    What wonderful memories for both of you.

    The storybook will help keep those memories alive in her head. That is a great idea.

    I'm so glad you had a good time!!!
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    What a wonderful report! It sounds like so much fun!! Now, just to convince DH to head to DL!!! :thumbsup2

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