Disneyland Trip Report 1/10-1/12

Discussion in 'California & the West Trip Reports' started by MagicalMomAZ, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. MagicalMomAZ

    MagicalMomAZ DIS Veteran

    Aug 17, 2006
    Doing DL in 1 day IS possible in January! Last time I went was 5 yrs ago, in August.

    We were there Jan 10-12. Our 1st day there was Early Entry & we went on the rides we wanted & got everything done in time to go to Indiana Jones. DD & I went on that alone, DH wasn’t interested & poor DS went through some seperation anxiety while I was gone for 25 minutes total. DH took him to Tarzan’s Treehouse during. I have to say Indy is no longer a favorite ride, DD was scared but took it on like a trooper.

    Day 1 we planned on doing it the way I grew up & how we did it w/ DD, go to the park until after lunch, then go back to the room for a shower & nap. Go back after dinner. Well, bc Day 1 was Early Entry we got everything done SOOO quickly we decided to conquer the few stragglers & Disney California Adventure on Day 2…..needless to say the 3yo was beyond tired bc we did this. I’d like to say I’ll never do it that way again but by the time we go back he’ll probably be old enough to do it!

    We walked onto every ride & never used a FastPass. Typically the wait was posted as 5 minutes, we had a few 15-20 minute waits but our longest was Nemo at around 7pm & we waited 25 minutes – not too bad. After this experience I will NEVER go to Disneyland in the summer months again. DH was pleased he could see several feet in front of him, LOL – Unlike summer when we’re packed like sardines.

    We did get both parks done in 2 days but we skipped Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Alice & Teacups (they were being rehabbed), Haunted Mansion was closed & so was Sully & Mike…..so we didn’t do EVERYTHING – but we were ok w/ that, especially w/ a 3 yo. I missed going back for 3 rd day only bc we didn’t get to go on the rides a 2nd or 3rd time but it was a Saturday & we hate crowds so much we were willing to forgo it.

    We showed for our 11:50 Blue Bayou reservation at 11:40 right after finishing Pirates. They opened at 11:30 & all water side tables were taken by then. DD & I shared a Monte Cristo plate & everyone is right, it’s worth trying once & the powdered sugar & berry dip was a nice addition. DH is Mr. Steak Connesieur (sp) & he was very impressed w/ his prime rib cut. DS had PB&J & actually ate it all, it was a toasted uncrustable basically. Our waiter was on target & knew his stuff.

    Our other reservations were for Rain Forest Café (MSG possible bc DH had a horrible headache after his chicken sandwich), Jazz Kitchen (food was surprisingly fast but I warn you against the kids chicken strips – they are 1 breast cut in ½, a portion too big for some kids) & Goofy’s Kitchen (the food was mediocre but you’re not there for that, you’re paying for the character time). All in all I wish there was more themed dining like BB bc they actually did have above average food, but I wanted to eat at different places. Going to DTD everytime for meals was a pain & I’ll not make reservations like that again. Oh!!! And Naples! Ewwwww!!! I have NO idea what kind of cheese is on their pizzas but it’s like an American cheese food – NOT mozzarella! It was not good & left a horrible taste in your mouth. DH & I bought chocolate mint patties from Marcelines to get the wretched taste from our mouths. DH had the sausage – as far as I’m concerned it’s the ONLY choice in that restaurant. Ugh.

    As a tip I advise parents of young kids to rent a locker & put extra clothes in. We were uncomfortable in 65 degree weather being wet after Splash & Grizzly (remember we’re from AZ, 65 is COLD) . I bought ponchos but FORGOT them! Ugh! So I was wet most of Day 2. That’s another thing, being from such a dry climate you expect to dry out…but you don’t. CA has much more moisture than you think. Also DS (3 yo) decided to hold his BM's for 3 days….one drink of apple juice later….BOOM! We had a VERY messy problem. So we didn’t miss the Electrical Light Parade we went & bought him an outfit..& new socks. I was in the restroom at World of Disney for 20 minutes trying to clean him up. I couldn’t sit him in the stroller & he couldn’t walk all the way to the motel like that – so we were out of an unexpected $56. So DEFINITELY come prepared w/ extra clothing. It’s cheaper to rent a locker for $7/$10 than buying something new.

    The whole purpose of finishing in 2 days was to drive to the coast & relax for a day, our feet loved us for it. We played in the ocean, ate GOOD clam chowder & rented a bike - Newport Beach was like the mint after a good meal. Disneyland was a blast, but the beach finished it off nicely. :thumbsup2 If Disney vacations are a bit too crowded & fast paced for you - I recommend a leisurely beach trip to top it off.
  2. DorkyDisneyMom

    DorkyDisneyMom <font color=blue>I will have to look tomorrow to s

    Dec 2, 2007
    I agree about Naples. We hated it too. I think I had one piece and decided I'd rather starve.

    How did your son like the ELP? Sorry to hear about the blow out. Those are the worst!

    Thanks for a great report.
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  4. MommyWithDreams

    MommyWithDreams <font color=deeppink>What has the Dis done to me?

    Jan 10, 2007
    Good report. Guess we'll be out the waterside table as well at BB since our reservations is for 11:50. That's frustrating. Oh well since we're having a fairly early lunch for us we may just wait it out. LAst year we were starving and said sit us wherever after waiting 20 extra minutes.
    So your son didn't like SM huh? I'm hoping my son forgives me ....but he's gotta try it just once. :)
  5. Lilypaige

    Lilypaige Mouseketeer

    Sep 25, 2007
    Great trip report, thanks for sharing!
  6. Alex2kMommy

    Alex2kMommy <font color=purple>I'm going a little nutso myself

    Feb 8, 2006
    Thanks for the TR! Had to laugh at the blow-out. Been there, done that, many times; just not at Disneyland! :rotfl:

    We also got pizza @ Naples for the kids. I didn't think it looked very good but they ate it, so maybe they were just soooo hungry they would have eaten anything. :confused3

    We discovered the hard way that the PB&J sandwich is an Uncrustable. DS3 is my picky eater and wanted it, but not fried, so they said that was fine. We were surprised when it arrived, it had just been thawed. DS3 wouldn't touch it. :sad2:

    Sounds like you had a great time! Makes me even more excited to take our next trip! :yay:
  7. MagicalMomAZ

    MagicalMomAZ DIS Veteran

    Aug 17, 2006
    He was very tired by that time so he was cranky. I have pics of him laying on me as we sat on the ground waiting. Once it started tho - he was SO excited & loved every bit of it. We didn't have enuf knowledge about the ELP route & how tough it would be to exit afterwards. We were looking for a clean getaway but that just can't happen unless you park near the entrance & wait until 15 min after the start. We thought waiting would be bad but actually it's best to be close to the exit. Started at 7:45 & got to entrance area by 8pm.

    I was bummed about the BB water side but I got over it as the kids didn't seem to mind.

    DS wasn't scarred by SM - but he did have a moment of sheer fear, luckily it passed quickly. Poor little guy.

    AND....needless to say my potty training challenged 3yo was put the PT boot camp the week after we returned. After that blowout, I wasn't patient anymore. :eek: In 5 days he has going down pat - its #2 we're having struggles with. At least I know next time he can make it to a restroom!!!

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