Disneyland Ride Closures for Seasonal Overlays

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by Knux897, May 17, 2018.

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    Apr 21, 2017

    As a Tampa native, I've excited to leave Disney World and experience Disneyland for the first time. Myself and a friend plan to visit for three days, one for Disneyland, one for DCA and a third day with a park hopper to experience attractions again or those that we missed.

    My issue however, is that I know some rides can go down for seasonal overlays. We're planning the trip in late September and to my knowledge, that's when the Haunted Mansion holiday overlay begins. I'm a bit divided on this. I want to experience the original Haunted Mansion as much as possible (even if people say the Florida one is better) but at the same time, I'm quite interested in the overlay. What I don't want to do however, is go when the attraction is down for the retheme. I don't mind Jingle Cruise too much, but I would like to experience Space Mountain classic as opposed to Ghost galaxy. I've searched online and can't find any definitive dates for ride closures and/or lifespans for holiday overlays. I think we're pretty much locked in September, as roundtrip airfare is only $250. Does anyone have any advice, or even better, definitive dates?
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    Halloweentime at DLR starts Sept 7 this year. By that date, both HM and SM will have the Halloween overlays applied. If you want to see the "original" HM, then you would need to go in the first half of August. Based on past years, general speculation is that HM will go down for the overlay around Aug 20. That said, the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay is AWESOME and so well done. And the non-overlay ride is very similar to WDW. So I'd count seeing Haunted Mansion Holiday as a "win".

    Space Mountain is another story... (I don't particularly like Ghost Galaxy). That overlay is quick-usually a couple of days and will be right before Sept 7. So if you really don't want Ghost Galaxy you'd have to go labor day weekend (but Haunted Mansion will be closed).

    I'd just deal with SMGG and stick with your end of September plan.
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    Oct 23, 2015
    Late September nothing should be down to get a holiday overlay. All the Halloween time ones will be done as the season starts (as previously mentioned) on September 7. IASW and Jungle Cruise (if it gets a holiday overlay this year) will not go down until mid to late October.

    Although you'll miss it coming during Halloween season, the Jingle Cruise holiday overlay on Jungle Cruise at DLR is a far cry better than WDW's. Like as in Jingle Cruise is worth a ride and it just has gotten better with every year. It was a huge bummer we didn't get it last year.

    I personally love Ghost Galaxy and look forward to it all year. I'm also a huge fan of MAD on GotG. However, there's a chance even if you went prior to Halloween season that you still wouldn't get classic Space, but rather Hyperspace. Everyone has their own opinions about the different overlays. I love a little scare myself, but I respect not everyone likes such things. I wouldn't knock it until you've experienced it, though.

    Haunted Mansion is just something special (in my opinion) with its holiday overlay. Plus Hatbox Ghost is still available to be seen and I find him to be a cool addition that you can't get at WDW. My friend who is a former WDW CM did not get why Hatbox Ghost made me so happy until she finally witnessed him in person herself last year. Now she understands.

    Question, though, about your plan with days. I'm confused. Are you planning to buy a 2-day, 1 park ticket plus a 1-day hopper? Because you can't buy a 3-day ticket with only one day hopping. You'll have to pay the full hopper price. And honestly? It's cheaper to buy the 3-day hopper as opposed to buying a 2-day, 1 park plus a 1-day hopper.

    The parks are REALLY close. It's not like WDW where there's real effort involved in hopping. You don't even leave the secure zone. Just walk for like a minute maybe to go from one set of turnstiles to the other.

    Also be mindful the parties will have started by late September. So that's an option for a hopper ticket too (but you can't enter either park until a few hours before the party starts) if you still want to 1 park ticket things the first two days and do a party the third day.

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