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May 31, 2000
Just a question I want to ask, so I will know what to call it. When they made DCA and started talking about the "Disneyland resort" as downtown disney, dca, the hotels and everything, I thought we were supposed to call what used to be called "Disneyland" the Magic Kingdom. But I noticed in the most recent Disney Magazine they referred to the location of attractions as "DCA" "Throughout the Disneyland Resort" and "The Disneyland Park." So are we supposed to call it "The Disneyland Park" or "The Magic Kingdom." I keep on just thinking "Disneyland," but to be honest, I call the Florida Magic Kingdom "Disney World" sometimes (I know better, but that is what we always called it before Epcot).
Just curious.
I think that 'The Magic Kingdom' or 'Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom' have been acceptable pronouns for Disneyland Park for quite a while, but there was a slight backlash when maps and advertisements began reffering to it officially as "Magic Kingdom" (in an effort to emphasize that there were now two separate parks and that "Disneyland" was now an entire resort). As far as I know, Disneyland Park is correct nomenclature.
There are actually roomfuls of people in suits that worry about stuff like this.

Way back when, the official name of the place was Disneyland. Walt Disney would refer to it as a Magic Kingdom and that became the park’s nickname. Officially, the place was never called that as in “welcome to the Magic Kingdom”; it always has to be qualified as in “Walt’s Disney’s Magic Kingdom” or “Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom”. The company also started to use “The Happiest Place on Earth” as the park’s motto or tagline. About a decade ago, for various legal, corporate and tax reasons, the official name for the theme park became Disneyland Park.

The entire complex is now referred to as The Disneyland Resort, composed of various hotels, Downtown Disney, Disneyland Park and California Adventure.

Normal people still call the whole place Disneyland – composed of “Disneyland”, “the old hotel”, “that new hotel”, “the hotel I think Disney owns but it looks really cheap”, “that bunch of stores where the ESPN club is”, and lastly “that place that’s kinda like Knott’s Berry Farm, but just really stinks”.
best laugh I had all day, thanks


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