Disneyland Paris


Earning My Ears
Feb 9, 2020
Heading to DL Paris after a wedding in mid-March. We only have one day what is a must (eat, see, do). Also is it worth upgrading fastpasses or just getting them in the park like DL California?


Earning My Ears
Feb 21, 2020
In all honesty if you are prepared to do one long day, around 10-12 hours you can do almost everything. I have been a lot (live in the UK) so if you need any advice or questions :)

Ride ratatouille first thing in the morning or go single rider. Fast passes get distributed quickly. Crushes coaster is another ride with very long waits. You will find people there do not exactly queue well for anything

Fast passes are like the old system where you have to physically go the ride and get it, certainly wait before buying the MaxPass we have never needed it

Rides which are in my opinion better than Florida or California
Big thunder mountain - again ride first or fast pass
Phantom manor (haunted mansion)
Pirates of the Caribbean

If you like ‘scary rides’ (which I don’t) space mountain goes upside down, there’s a toy story car ride which looks scary to me and I would put crushes coaster in this category

Bear in mind March May be cold/wet
The shows usually have French and English showings so pick the right time

Be prepared customer service is something very different to the American parks and they can be incredibly slow

There’s a big Star Wars shop at star tours which most of it you can only get in that store.
If you like Minnie ears Paris also has quite a few exclusives


Superman Cosplayer, Filmaker, Gym & Rugby Dude
Mar 3, 2020
Remember that fantasy land closes earlier and stay till park close for illuminations. Food is poor and overpriced. Get something when you leave outside the park.