DisneyBand+ Delivery Times


Dec 2, 2002
Just got the "Hey, you're within 45 days of your cruise" email (Can't believe it's almost here!) and am interested in ordering a DisneyBand+ but was wondering what kind of delivery time I'm looking at. We're tacking on a trip to WDW the week before embarking and would obviously want to have them before we head out.

Does anyone know if the bands mailed out shortly after purchase? (i.e. I order them today and will have them in 8-10 business days type of thing) Or are they mailed out at a specified time prior to your cruise? (Like one week prior to your departure date) I understand the deadline to order them is 11 days in advance.

Just wondering if anyone has any personal experience with placing an order and how long it took to arrive so that I can better manage expectations. Thanks!
Are they still offering a discount? Otherwise, and unless you want a DCL design, you could pick up one at WDW.

No discount through DCL but we did decide that we liked the cruise designs the best so we went that route. The receipt shows that it should be here within 10 business days.

Thanks to all above for the responses about quick delivery. Made the decision easier.
If you aren't particular about the DCL-specific styles, ShopDIsney.com has a decent selection, and frequently, there are deals to be had. Sunday, they had a 25% off of a $125 purchase, which worked perfectly for ordering 4 bands. I also ordered via an eBates offer code to get a 5% rebate...and paid for it with Disney gift cards purchased at Target for 5% off. My net price for each after tax will be just over $25 each after tax; we ordered the basic color bands. (Free shipping as well.) And according to UPS, they'll be delivered tomorrow.


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