Disney World Entry-Level Hourly Jobs (non College program)

Discussion in 'The College Board' started by stitch891, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. stitch891

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    Feb 23, 2018
    Disney has been promoting its Spring Hiring Event heavily on its career page. They are looking for a variety of entry-level positions in areas including housekeeping, bus drivers, culinary, etc.

    I was wondering if anyone could answer the following questions:

    1) I currently live out of state and have a phone interview scheduled next week for culinary. Assuming the interview goes well, what would the next step(s) be? Would there be additional interviews, or would a job offer be made on the spot? Is an in-person interview required in Florida at any point in the hiring process?

    2) If a job offer is made, how long does one have to make a decision whether or not to accept it?

    3) Once employed by Disney, are there opportunities to change positions in the future? For example, if hired in culinary as a cook, is it possible to move to another area if a position opens up (such as attractions)? How does that process work?

    4) To anyone currently/formerly employed in culinary at Disney: What is a typical schedule like for a full-time employee? How many days/hours per week can one typically expect to work?

    Thank you in advance for your help with my questions.
  2. ravenclawtrekkie

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    Jun 21, 2015
    1) I lived out of state when applying and no phone interview was ever even an option. I flew down to Florida for a few days to interview at Disney, Universal, and other places. Second interviews depend on the role - mine required one - but I can't say for culinary. I was offered my job via phone call about a week after my second interview.

    2) This would be a question for your recruiter.

    3) Standard rule is that you can submit a transfer application after 6 months in your current area. You can transfer sooner than that if it's considered a move up, such as part time to full time. It's rather easy to do - there's an internal website called Transfer Genie and you can browse all the roles and put yourself on a waitlist for a role, location, and FT/PT status. Some roles aren't available through TG unless you're already in them (hotel front desk and concierge are two of the big ones, as well as my own role, vacation planning) and you have to apply through Disney Careers like an external applicant would. These generally require another interview with someone from that area.

    4) Two of my old roommates were in culinary - one was a pastry chef and one was like, the second level up from an entry level cook. (I don't remember their actual job titles.) The pastry chef worked a lot of early mornings, and the other worked a lot of late nights. They both worked long hours - a 40 hour work week was a light load. Culinary is a long-hours career path in any high-volume place, and Disney is no exception.
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    Dec 3, 2017
    1) If an offer of employment is made you will be asked your availability and then the recruiter will go from there based on what locations need people. For example I was just hired by Disney for culinary and based off of my availability I had three choices of locations. At that point they will tell you the pay rate and make an offer of employment. Now for Culinary you are required to take a POET(Post Offer Employment Test) to make sure you can physically do your job. It’s very simple as long as your blood pressure isn’t crazy and you can lift 50lbs you’ll be fine. That test must be done within a week of being offered the job and is done on Disney property.

    2) I was given the offer and expected to accept or decline immediately but your recruiter may be different.

    3) The above poster answered this perfectly so no need to elaborate.

    4) I am PT for the time being due to me and my wife having a toddler however I work three days a week and average 12 hours a day as part time. My wife works full time in culinary and works from 10am-9pm most of the time and for 5 days a week but your hours and days off go by your seniority and how you place your bids for the year as full time.
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    Jul 5, 2018
    My daughter just accepted a position on 6/20.

    She applied in April and had a web interview. Then she was asked for a phone interview which was in May. She advised them she was graduating HS on 6/15 and her availability is 8/6.

    While in Disney she received an email on 6/16 asking if she was still interested the position (food and bev) and when her availability was. She responded yes and changed her availability to 7/27.

    She was offered a FT position (not college program) via email on 6/20 and went down for onboarding on 6/27 and came home (we live in NJ). Her traditions is scheduled for 7/11. I’m not even sure if she’s coming home with me on 7/12 or staying. So needless to say I’m scrambling to get an apartment for her. But it’s all good. A little quicker than I anticipated but good nonetheless.
  5. goofy4tink

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    May 2, 2002
    Generally speaking, they start working very quickly after Traditions. She may very well start work within less than a week after Traditions.

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