Disney World Engagement Photo Props?

Discussion in 'Disney Weddings and Honeymoons' started by BanditsMommy, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. BanditsMommy

    BanditsMommy Mouseketeer

    Apr 10, 2012
    Hi all! I'm going to be doing my engagement photos during my next trip to the world, and I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas for props to use, exclusive to Disney World or not. I've seen people use the mouse ears balloons and mickey head ice cream bars, but I can't think of anything else. Please help me as I haven't been to the World in almost 3 years and I'm getting a disney mental-block. :P
  2. serenityfire

    serenityfire Earning My Ears

    Jan 16, 2012
    We used "Just Engaged" buttons as well as the balloons. We got the balloons through the Disney Florist, since we weren't going into the parks that trip. Have fun! =)
  3. minniebride

    minniebride DIS Veteran

    May 4, 2009
    I"ve seen people use handmade signs or umbrellas with either "We're getting married!" or wedding date info and then use those pictures for their save the date cards-it looks really cute.

    Personally, I really like the Mickey balloons or Mickey ice cream bars-they always look so vibrant and cute :)
  4. Cmdbuddy

    Cmdbuddy Mouseketeer

    May 20, 2005
    We had our engagement photos last weekend and used a mickey pretzel... but my fiance loves those things so it's kind of a running joke.

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