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Earning My Ears
Jul 22, 2017
Disney Wonder, January 2018 Repositioning from Galveston to San Juan:
We'd just come onboard Wonder in Galveston, and immediately were encouraged to eat at Triton's. Why not, right? We had told the kids that the Officers in uniforms that had four stripes were the Captain. We didn't know better - but that was close enough. So, immediately on getting onboard, our daughter (5) spots a man with four stripes on his shoulders and excitedly waves to him - the amazingly patient and pleasant Pierre said, "Oui, princess?" and introduced himself. Daughter asked if he was the Captain, and Pierre said no, but that he worked with the hotel, and when he saw the Captain later, he would be happy to tell the Captain hello for her. He asked some questions, spoke to our son (9), and asked how our experience was, listening patiently as the kids told them all about how amazing the ship was. Then, he was off. What a great encounter - the kids were so excited to have met an officer! Edited to add: My daughter started calling him "my friend Mr. Pierre." When we checked into our room after lunch, there was a beautiful fresh fruit tray and a hand-written note welcoming us onboard - from "Mr. Pierre" - Pierre Marechal, the Hotel Director on board! Throughout our stay, our daughter would look for "Mr. Pierre" and found him a couple more times in passing - each time Pierre would see our daughter he would greet her as Princess (name) and ask her about her day. When it came time for the Princess tea and our daughter's (expensive but worth it just once) makeover, when she was dressed up, we spoke with Ashley (cruise director) in the Atrium and of course, daughter asks about her friend "Mr. Pierre." Ashley said, "I'll go get him right away - he would love to see you!" - although we thought it was quite an imposition, she smiled and dashed away, returning almost instantly with Pierre! Pierre made our daughter feel so special during the cruise, and she treasures the picture with her friend "Mr. Pierre" almost as much as the pictures with the Disney characters! I've wanted to share that story with the DisBoards crew ever since we came back - I've lurked here from trip pre-planning through the trip, a bit after and now as we are considering another round on the Repositioning Itinerary from Galveston.
Thanks, Pierre, Ashley and the Disney Wonder for a great moment from our amazing vacation!
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