Disney Wonder review b2b March5-12 Day 2

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    Disney Wonder b2b March 5th-12th Day 2 Nassau

    In my first installment I forgot to mentioned that Disney left me a nice gift in the cabin for being a repeat cruiser. A nice and very large canvas beach bag that came in handy through out my cruise! Thank you Disney!

    Day 2 brought us to Nassau. I had been there many times before and last time I had visited the Blue Lagoon which became my all time favorite spot to relax. But they closed down the Lagoon except the Dolphin swim so I had booked the Ardastra Gardens&City Tour for the both of us. It was not to leave until 12 45pm so we had plenty of time for breakfast and relaxation. We always had breakfast at the Beach Blanket Buffet but they never opened up before 730am. This is one of my few complaints. I do believe the buffet should open up at 5am or at least 6am. They do have a small cart with pastries on the pool deck next to the coffee, tea, etc., but it was most of the time late getting there and not everyone likes sweets. Also with the amount of kids on the ship I would think they would like to eat a bit earlier.

    The buffet had your average stuff and they also had an omelet station where I always ordered my 2 over easy eggs. I think the food was plenty and the variety good.

    At 12:45 PM we met at a lounge and after all heads were counted walked down outside. The tour was very nice and the "Marching Flamingos" are a riot. I very much enjoyed this day and most of all feeding the Lory Parrots out of my hand. It is a very nice zoo and worth going. Afterwards our tour guide gave us a tour of the city and also a history lesson. The ride was pleasant, tour guide very friendly. After that my friend wanted to buy a few things for her husband and we browsed the shops. After a short while we went back to the ship and headed to the pool. Disney Wonder has 3 pool areas. One is the Mickey pool where all the kids hang out, the family pool and my favorite the adult pool. No one under 18years of age is allowed to be in or near it. I did observe a few kids but Disney always had staff remind them to go to the other pools. I encountered one adult male that brought his daughter and I reminded him of the signs stating no kids. He did leave and wasn't mean about it.
    This is why I cruise Disney. There are many areas to spend time that do not have any kids. My friend was amazed that she barely saw any kids at all on the ship. The adult only Cove coffee shop is on the same deck/area and I spend time in there e-mailing my family and having a specialty coffee for an extra charge.
    That night they showed "Hercules the musical" but I did not go. My friend did not show any interest either. I believe we had dinner at Animators Palate and we had great service. My friend loved the restaurant, the changing colors of the room. I had over cooked steaks on my last cruise and wasn't about to order steak but our waiter assured me my steak would be cooked perfect and it was. Our wait staff was so good I requested all of them for my 2nd cruise and I did get them thanks to the help of the head waiter. More on this later.
    Off course every night we had a slice of that chocolate cake and a desert from palos brought down to us.

    Like I said, we did not see any live shows but usually went on deck to sit down, listen to the ocean, read a book or just relax.

    Next day my favorite: Castaway Cay!
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    Thanks for reporting!

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