Disney Wonder Review b2b March 5th-12th Day 3 Castaway Cay

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    Disney Wonder Review b2b March 5th-12th Day 3 Castaway Cay

    Since Castaway Cay is so special to me I got up early in the morning and watched the sunrise upstairs on deck 10 at 629am. It was a very windy day and the sea was very choppy with high waves. The Disney Wonder docks directly on the Island and it was very neat to watch the docking of the ship. Afterwards we had breakfast outside the buffet and then we got ready to go on the island. Due to the weather all planned excursions had been canceled but it did not affect us. We had just a lazy day planned!

    The water color was just awesome but the wind was very strong. When you leave the ship there is a large cart where they give you towels for the day. I wanted to mail a postcard from the post office on the island but it was closed. This time on the island I was able to head to serenity bay the all adult beach. The Island has several different beaches. One for family, one for teens, a spot for little ones and adults only. Castaway Cay has a tram that will take you to the different spots on the island. Once we arrived at Serenity Bay we did realize it was way too cold and windy to enjoy the day. But we made the best of it. My friend took a walk down the beach and I was covered in 4 towels freezing my behind off. Once my friend came back we tried another spot near the bar and as the morning progressed the sun was warmer and we did enjoy our time there. We decided to keep warm and I ordered 2 drinks for us which is very unusual because none of us drink but maybe a glass of wine once in a while. The drinks tasted great < I had a pina colada> and we read in our books and enjoyed the sun.

    They also have an eating area at the adult beach which I will rate very poorly. We just looked and decided to go to the family beach since the main eating area was there. We took the tram back and enjoyed a barbecue there. I am not a big fan of the island food but it was fine. Afterwards we headed to the island shop and I bought a few things.

    By that time it was about 2pm and the wind was getting to us so we decided to head back to the ship and enjoy the pool a bit.It was kind of cool so we jumped into the Hot Tub and it felt great. Thankfully they are never too hot and just feel right.

    I had received an invitation from Disney to join a castaway Club member party <for repeat guests> and I wanted to go to talk to an officer about the b2b procedure. No one until that point was able to give me the same answers at the front desk. As my friend and I made our way there the Disney Wonder was trying to leave the Island but was unable to do so. The winds were too high, seas too choppy and after a few attempts stopped with a very loud bang. My guess is we had hit the pier pretty hard. At the party we had a good time, ate some appetizers and I finally got to talk to an officer. he told me what the procedure was and I thanked him for setting it straight. I now knew I had to go to customs, check in at the front desk and that was it. It sounded easy but became a very big headache<more on this later>

    After the reception we made it to the dining room and as we were seated the Captain again tried to leave the island. The entire ship made very loud noises and it sounded as if the propellers were stuck in the sand. It took quite some time and a lot of noise but we finally left the island! Kudos to the Captain as he could have just skipped the island all together that day but tried for the passengers. Nice job!

    That night they played the Golden Mickeys and also had Pirates in the Caribbean night <which includes fireworks!> I had seen both but I told my friend the firework show is a must see. At 8pm I went to sleep and I did not wake up until 2am. My friend saw the fireworks and the show and loved it. At 2 am I woke up and we talked for a while and took a quick ride up the elevator to deck 10 to "sniff" the air. All in all it was a nice day and we had a lot of fun!

    next up: Day at Sea :wave:
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    Wow - never heard of any cruise havign trouble leaving CC. Wonder how often that happens....gee to get stuck there for 2 days straight. hmmm.... And I thought it was great to go to CC twice on our next cruise!!!
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    Sue, to better answer your question leaving CC on that day. I too was on that cruise with my family. I was able to attend the Captains session prior the the disembarkation briefing. The Captain stated that due to the weather conditions that day (Boy was it a very windy day), the ship could not get enough lift to get off the pier. I was just over the bridge when we were attempting to leave port and because of the high seas (one of the cast members in a small boat almost sank his boat by crashing into the mouring) they could not get an equal balance on the ship to assure the ship would get to deeper waters. Captain John stated that this occurs from time to time in high seas and we did not have to worry about being behind schedule as we were going to be at sea all day Wednesday anyways. It further was not going to be an issue as we were only approximately 100 nautical miles from Port Canaveral anyway, so once the seas calmed, we would leave CC. We ended up getting off the dock approximately 1 hour after planned departure when the seas calmed a bit.
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    Who were your servers on you btb cruises and did you like them? thanks!

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